5 Surprising facts about E-cigarette


What is E-cigarette :

E-cigarettes are electronic devices heating a solvent and creating an aerosol or mixture of small airborne particles. In many shapes and sizes, e-cigarettes come. Most of these have a pump, a heater, and a gas. Some cigarettes have the appearance of regular cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Some seem like USB flash drives, plumbing, etc. Big appliances like tank systems or ‘mods’ do not look like other items of tobacco. Vape juice is one of the main things in vaping. 

Multiple names attributed to e-cigarettes. Sometimes they are called “electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS),” “E-cigs,” “e-hookahs,” “mods,” “vapes styles,” “vapes,” “tank systems”.

How do E-cigarette work?

  • E-cigarettes generate an aerosol by heating a fluid that usually contains nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals that contribute to aerosol production.
  • Nicotine and scent are also present in the liquid used in electric cigarettes. Often the liquid is referred to as e-water, e-fluid, vapor water, or vapor oil.
  • Users breathe in their mouths with e-cigarette aerosol. Officials will also respire this aerosol if the user exhales the aerosol into the air.
  • Marijuana and other drugs may be delivered with E-cigarette devices.

5 fact About E-cigarette :

1.NOT risk-free are E-cigarettes and other vapor products:

While these items are widely considered less dangerous than cigarettes smoked, there is no evidence that they are truly healthy. They are not toxic. Rather, a growing number of studies indicate that they can have negative effects on health, including:

  • Brain, cardiac and lungs damage 
  • Cancer development of tumors 
  • Premature delivery and mortality in pregnant women 
  • Harmful effects on the development of brain and lung when use takes place during development or adolescence.
  1. It is not an established method of stopping smoking to use e-cigarettes and other vapour products:

When used solely as an alternative and only by smokers who could not quit by tested, medically-approved process, e-cigarettes, and other vaporizer products are favored as an alternative to conventional cigarettes. There is no evidence, however, that cigarettes are reliably reduced or ceased to smoke. In reality, e-cigarettes and other vapor products contain nicotine that can potentially exacerbate addiction and in some cases make stopping smoking much harder.

  1. The brain growth and functioning of young people can be affected by nicotine:

Young people are particularly vulnerable to the use and effects of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. The younger a person is, the bigger the chance of addiction if he or she tries nicotine. The brain develops more vulnerable than a fully developed adult brain to addictive substances. Nicotine can also interfere with brain growth, long-term cognitive performance and the likelihood of multiple mental and physical health issues later in a lifetime can be increased.

  1. In addition to smoked tobacco, e-cigarettes and other vaporizers are also used instead of in place:

In addition to conventional cigarettes, many smokers use such items, particularly in areas where smoking is prohibited or is not convenient. In the end, nicotine’s overall exposure and harmful effects are increased.

  1. The aerosol from such items is not proof that it is healthy:

Long-term health effects of nicotine and other aerosol products in e-cigarettes and other vapour systems are increasingly concerned. Which contain toxins and carcinogens, as well as heavy metals, ultrafine particles, and other ingredients.

What are the other Risks of E-cigarette :

  • The lung also could be harmful to some of the ingredients in e-cigarette aerosol in the long run. Some e-cigarette flavorings, for example, may eat safely but may not inhale, because the intestines absorb more substances than the lungs1.
  • The long-term safety consequences of e-cigarettes are still being discussed by scientists.
  • Some fires and explosions were produced, some of which resulted in serious injuries, by poor e-cigarette batteries.
  • Children and adults were poisoned through the skin or eyes by chewing, breathing or drinking liquid. Nationally, for children five or younger, nearly 50 percent of the calls to e-cigarette poison control centers are made.

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