5 Tips For Getting New Online Reviews From Legal Clients

Online Reviews: The success of your business depends on its reputation. Businesses with solid reputations inspire trust in their customers


The success of your business depends on its reputation. Businesses with solid reputations inspire trust in their customers. Establishing trust makes it a lot easier for new customers or clients to make a hiring decision. Reviews are one of the important tools that businesses can leverage to establish trust. Business owners, including lawyers, can take advantage of the power of reviews to build a solid online and offline reputation. With reviews being an important part of the conversion process and SEO for lawyers, this article goes over the important ways to get them.

Why Are Law Firm Reviews Important?

Business owners have come to realize that earning reviews from clients is an important task. New customers rely on reviews as one of the tools to make their decision. When your law firm has stellar reviews, the chances are high that customers will trust you more to handle their legal needs. Statistically, 84% of customers trust reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from loved ones. This makes online reviews an important part of customer conversion.

In addition, based on positive reviews, 70% of clients are willing to seek out a law firm despite being located in an inconvenient place. Essentially, prospective clients want what is best for them, and reviews are a way to position yourself to snatch them up. With lots of positive reviews, your job of convincing the client is greatly reduced. After reading the reviews, the client already has a high opinion about you and your legal services, which makes things a lot easier.

How To Generate Reviews For Your Law Firm

5 Tips For Getting New Online Reviews From Legal Clients

Generating positive reviews for your law firm requires quality service, dedication, customer satisfaction, and a host of other business features. Below are some of the trusted ways by which you can generate more reviews for your law firm.

Provide Review-Worthy Services

As a law firm, your client has a few expectations from you. Some of these expectations may include communication and updates from the start to the end of the case, personalized legal services, and a proactive approach to legal representation. When all of these are delivered to the client’s satisfaction, the chances of getting a positive review from the happy client increase. Your client is more likely to leave a 5-star review about your law firm or legal practice when they feel served.

Understandably, it may be difficult to impress some clients, especially because they face stressful life issues. However, putting your best foot forward, providing compassionate services, and handling their case with the utmost dedication can unlock their satisfaction. Even when the case did not produce the expected outcomes, clients may still be willing to comment on how you handled the case and made them feel welcome throughout the process.

Have A Profile On Top-Tier Review Sites

If you are serious about getting reviews for your law firm, you need to position yourself to aggregate those reviews. Make the process of reviewing your law firm easier by creating a profile on all top-tier review websites. Some popular platforms to consider for review gathering include Google My Business (GMB), a free platform that allows customers access to your law firm reviews when they search Google, Bing Places, Avvo, Facebook, and Yelp. With profiles across these review websites, interested clients can easily locate your law firm and leave a review about the services they enjoyed.

Ask For Reviews When Clients Are Happiest

If your client can’t seem to shut up about how you’ve exceeded their expectations, now is the best time to put in a review request. You stand a better chance of getting the most heartwarming review when your clients are happiest. You may need to delay the review request until you have won the case for your client, or at least won a part of the case. Doing this increases the chances of getting top-notch reviews that other intending clients can read and relate to.

Send Email Or Text Reminders

Your clients may be rightly busy with their life so much that they may forget your review request. A gentle reminder via text messages or emails can jerk them to life and push them to leave a review. When selecting clients for your text or email reminder, make sure that they are clients whose cases are still fresh. Older clients may have lost the excitement of winning their case, which may also show in the quality of reviews left.

Offer The Right Incentives

Law firms can offer the right incentives in exchange for an online review. Incentives may be in the form of free legal consultations and more. You should read the guidelines of review websites to be clear on what incentives can be offered. In most cases, discounted fees never go wrong. You may choose to implement this.

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