Whether Incontinence Briefs Are Washable?


Both women and men can suffer from incontinence where they have trouble controlling stool or urine. Adult protective underwear or simply incontinence underwear is helpful for a person who has incontinence. These particular types of underwear help absorb urine and catch stool. Although there are various types of adult incontinence briefs, including disposable and washable ones, each has its merits and demerits.

Here, we discuss all adult incontinence briefs that will allow you to make an informed decision to make a choice.

What is Incontinence Underwear?

When you purchase adult incontinence underwear and are not aware of the types available in the market, you get bombarded with choices like briefs, pullups or pads, washable, disposable or reusable, etc. Not only do incontinence products protect bedding, clothing, and furniture, they protect lifestyle, peace of mind, and dignity. Advanced incontinence products additionally wick moisture away from the skin to keep skin dry and healthy.

Whether Incontinence Briefs Are Washable?

Incontinence briefs are single-use products that are used to absorb feces and urine. Sometimes referred to as adult disposable diapers, they offer hygiene aid for adults suffering from incontinence. Incontinence care through absorbent products can be of many forms, one of which is absorbent briefs. The adult briefs are designed to allow caregivers to change incontinence products while the user is in a wheelchair or on the bed. Tabs are located on the sides, which would enable the enclosing of the briefs around the legs and torso. The tabs allow an adjustable fit for the needs of the individual user. There are two types of adult briefs, namely disposable and washable ones, which protect the user from incontinence.

Whether Incontinence Briefs Are Washable?

Disposable Briefs: As the name suggests, these are disposable and fit for one-time use. It is made from cellulose or polymer materials. Once it is soiled, these need to be discarded hygienically in the trash. These are very popular since most individuals do not want to deal with soiled briefs. Most people complain that disposable briefs make them feel as if they are wearing diapers.

Washable Briefs: The washable briefs are reusable, and they are latex-free, lotion-free, fragrance-free. Generally, the body of the washable briefs is 100% cotton, while the pad is 70% viscose and 30% polyester. When the washable briefs are soiled, they are removed from the user and sent for washing.

Should you opt for Washable Incontinence Briefs?

Compared to disposable briefs, washable briefs are more economical over the long run. Most individuals do not want to deal with dirty, soiled diapers, and they are not so popular as disposable diapers. Additionally, many people don’t want the added hassle of washing, drying, folding, and storing for subsequent use. However, if you use two disposable briefs per day, you can save $150 – $500 a year compared to disposable briefs.

The modern incontinence washable briefs, especially for women, offer style and substance. Stylish and comfortable, they provide plenty of protection and have a modern, flattering cut. They provide extra coverage, and more protective layers deliver 20% to 25% more safety. The briefs are made of soft, premium fabric, generally with eight lofts, performance material layers. It not only absorbs but also wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable, prevent pooling and overflow, and, of course, waterproof against leaks. Moreover, the soft fabric feels great on your skin.

Washable adult incontinence briefs are perfect for exercise and activities. The all-way stretch fabric hugs you comfortably for a secure fit, yet it moves quickly with you during yoga or your workouts. Additionally, washable briefs are a lot less bulky than disposable ones. They are much more reliable than a pad that can twist and shift around. The wider waistband gives you smoother lines under clothes. Neither do they roll down to give their impression on the external outfit, nor does it cut into your delicate skin?

How to care for your Washable Briefs?

A pair of washable briefs can last for a year or more with normal usage and proper care on a weekly wash cycle. You need to take a few simple steps as follows.

  • The brief should be washed before first use.
  • You need to Pre-wash separately in cold water without any detergent before mixing with other items. It would be best to hand rinse; otherwise, you can use your washing machine’s pre-rinse or pre-wash cycle.
  • For best results, pre-wash or rinse used garments as soon as you can after taking them off. Once rinsed, you need to leave them to get some air while waiting for laundry day, then do a weekly batch load.
  • To dry, use a tumble dryer on medium heat for a minimum of two cycles. You can also use dryer sheets.
  • It is recommended that you should not use softeners or any type of bleach.
  • Finally, you should not iron the washable briefs.

Bottom Line

There are several benefits of washable incontinence briefs, besides obviously, the fact that they are washable? The washable incontinence briefs available these days are a far cry from the incontinence aids people had to resort to in the past. In short, when faced with incontinence, you needn’t resort to bulky, uncomfortable diapers. If incontinence interferes with your usual activities, give washable incontinence underwear a try, and get your life back.

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