7 Facts to Know About Node.js Development

Node.js Development: Node.js is a new version of how Java and C++ work. It has different features but is based on Java that is an extension of Java.

NodeJs development

Node.js Development: Node.js is a new version of how Java and C++ work. It has different features but is based on Java that is an extension of Java. Node.js is an open source environment for JavaScript coders to develop side server app.

Using lesser codes and simpler developing techniques forces you to use this platform for developing side server applications. Here are some facts about Node.js development that you need to know.

7 Facts to Know About Node.js Development

Compatibility with different web servers

JavaScript is one of the simplest ways to develop an app that suits your purpose. Inconsistencies faced by other programming languages are that they are not compatible with servers, and if they are, they employ a complex array of syntax to develop apps. But, with the addition of Node.js to JavaScript, it has become easier for JavaScript coders to work with programming.

It runs over numerous server hence makes it worthy of using it as a programming language.

Easy sharing of library codes

With the programming languages, it has been a fault that they do not allow sharing of library codes which can assist other developers. For example, Java did not allow the developers to share the library codes they used in their application, for it was an illegal act.

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But with node js web development, you can share the readily available codes and the templates as well. This is possible only with the introduction of Node Package Manager (NPM), which gives access to over 15000 templates and library codes to share with your companions.

JSON to complement your developments

If you are looking for a data exchange format that is in tune with your requirement, then JSON or JavaScript Object Notation which is connected via Node.js is your companion. For exchanging format, it had to be done with a lot of care, but with JSON, it is as easy as walking in a park. MongoDB is a database that you get accustomed to while working on JSON.

Smaller modules that make working on Node.js easier

As compared to other programming languages, Node.js is based on smaller modules that are you can have your development process in fragments rather than working on the whole. With Node.js development, it is easier to work on fragmented parts, which takes lesser time than other languages to work with.

Plenty of Options to work with

Node.js is one of those programming languages that offer a variety of options to work upon while creating a side server application. For example, you can have tools that make the process of launching easier, and there are recreate scripts to avoid duplication of work as well as efforts.

Requires Back-end only

Using Front and Back-End format laid a burden on the shoulders of the developers. But with Node.js development, there has not been any such issue. It is not required to use the front as well as a back end while working on web app development. Node.js can be operated using back-end format only but if you wish to work as per old traditions then also there is no such issue. It also allows working with both of them back as well as the end.

Node.js not for heavy computation

Java and C programming languages work on a single thread framework whereby they consume a part of CPU as well for heavy files. On the contrary, Node.js does not function well when you work with heavy codes. Whenever a heavy request visits the event loop, Node.js functions on it only leaving behind all other requests. This consumes a lot of CPU storage for the thread and the loop to work. Hence, it delays the overall web app development process leading to malfunctioning of the heavy file as well.

Consequently, with recent Node.js development, it is possible to perform CPU bound tasks that does not lag the overall process even if heavy files are being used consecutively.

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Node.js Development: Node.js has its own pro and cons, but being a 2.0 version of JavaScript has its weight more towards the cons. JavaScript developers employed in the companies that are based on the web as well as mobile applications derive most benefits out of it. Not only does it bring speed to the processing but also ensures the security of work, which is its prominent features.

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