4 Influential Cosmetic Box Design Trends for 2020 and Beyond

4 Influential Cosmetic Box Design Trends for 2020 and Beyond: When it comes to cosmetic box design trends, we have seen a lot of new innovations and fresh


4 Influential Cosmetic Box Design Trends for 2020 and Beyond: When it comes to cosmetic box design trends, we have seen a lot of new innovations and fresh concepts to experiment with in 2019, both visually and functionally. And it seems that the design game will only get more interesting in 2020.

4 Influential Cosmetic Box Design Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Gear up to see packaging companies and graphic designers play with hues, graphics, and materials in amazing new ways. To make you feel excited about 2020 cosmetic box design trends, here we have listed some influential design ideas.

Gradients with Bright Luminous Colors

No wonder gradients still continue to fascinate both designers and audiences. As a result, cosmetic box packaging designers will keep on using the gradients to create something refreshing and new by infusing bright luminous colors in 2020. The resulting packaging is expected to be unique and invigorating. Seek inspiration for nature to get an idea of some examples that never gets old.

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Not only the gradients look amazing in digital formats, but they also offer excellent depth. No wonder why tech giants like Apple and Microsoft have embraced gradients three years ago. In 2020, gradients will be a critical element of design that’ll offer depth and dimension to any structure.

By adding bright and exciting colors, they’ll emerge as the main component of the design than just being a mere background detail.

Vintage-Inspired Cosmetic Boxes

No matter wherever you go, vintage-inspired packaging and labeling are present in every store. Thanks to the pleasing aesthetics, the retro packaging design is one of those trends that never go out of style. Most importantly, vintage design sells because it reflects authenticity.

Apart from using the vintage style fonts, you will see amazing manuscript lettering, retro color patterns or illustrations being used to express their pedigree and age. In fact, even in today’s highly competitive market, designers aren’t reluctant to use the old as the new because it’s hard to add bling to custom cosmetic packaging so frequently.

Embracing the vintage vibes is like indulging a timeless classic that’ll never lose its charm to attract people in the retail aisle.

Flat Graphic-Style Illustrations

The roots of flat illustrations date back to Swiss Style, which first emerged in the 1920s but gained popularity in the middle of the 20th century. This form of printing is ideal for virtually any printed material as the minimalist approach forces designers to zero in on simple design, typography, and color. For this reason, it is thriving in cosmetic packaging design.

Time and again we have seen flat illustrations bear a resemblance to simplified shapes that make splotches of color stand out and text more readable. These designs appear more crisp and clear once the three-dimensional effects are stripped away. But the best thing about this design trend is it’s flexible enough to evolve freely.

Or just infuse parts of the design into any composition that you like. In brief, the reincarnation of flat design will give you a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Black and White Combination

Limiting your palette down to just two elements might seem like setting creative restrictions but black and white combination has turned out to be an incredibly versatile and powerful dialogue. The other factor that the blend proffer in design is hard to ignore. The fascinating theme segregates and highlights different elements of the design to establish the relationship.

While a black and white packaging solution can represent a challenge, it really surprises you with the right application and intent. As a matter, the exquisite combination packs the punch you need to boost your sales.

Embrace Zero Waste Packaging

Embracing zero-waste packaging is a rising trend that isn’t going to slow down anytime soon as it is being adopted by each and every one. Plastic and glass materials are the key contributors to packaging waste. Apart from these materials, a significant percentage comes from food packaging.

As a result, each year we get to see new and improved Eco-friendly packaging materials that are being used to encase different products. From see-through hemp wrap to mushroom Styrofoam and algae-based plastics, today, buyers have different alternatives to plastic packages that are paving way for a more sustainable and efficient future.

An excellent example for this is the paper-based recyclable pump bottle that is exclusively designed for a personal care product. In fact, the first plastic-free aisle has also popped up in the Netherlands during 2018 that turned out to be a good testing ground for compostable bio-materials.

This shows choosing between plastic-free products have finally become a real option for buyers. And it will see a huge demand in the years to come.

Custom Packaging Design

We all know when it comes to choosing between two products bearing the same price tag, customers always pick the one that has more attractive packaging. Thus, every cosmetic brand wants to stand out by surprising its customers with a unique design choice that is unusual and can convey their message in an eccentric and fun way.

For instance, a pleasantly surprising and unique work is the moving packaging that has grasped customers’ attention as it moves once opened.

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So gear up to see more exciting and unusual packaging designs that are coming your way in 2019 and beyond. But the most memorable ones would be the cosmetic packages that can be used for other purposes besides packaging.

It’s your Turn to Embrace a Unique Cosmetic Box Design

2019 turned out to be a fascinating year for packaging designers, but 2020 would be even better. From using rare color combinations to leveraging just two colors, vintage style, and minimalism, customers will get to see some ingenious packaging designs.

Packaging companies like The Legacy Printing are using new and clever ways to make packages more practical and effective, so your cosmetics could practically jump off the retail shelves and you can record more profit. We hope you’ll be excited to see what 2020 has in store for you.

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