The Ultimate Guide to Voice Search Optimization for Google 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Voice Search Optimization for Google 2020: Have you tried talking to built-in voice software on your cell phone or computer? It sounds silly but reports claim that many


Ultimate Guide to Voice Search Optimization for Google 2020: Have you tried talking to built-in voice software on your cell phone or computer? It sounds silly but reports claim that many people around the world are indulging in the habit of talking and expressing themselves to a non-human, inanimate thing called voice robot.

Ultimate Guide to Voice Search Optimization for Google 2020

So, are people now actually talking with robots, and commanding them to fulfill what they need? Yes. For instance, voice search is an example of one of the relatively new computer programs that people are showing interest in and about which you would like to know.

‘Voice search’ lets the user communicate to the computer what he needs just verbally as if you are commanding your servant. At first, we all were reluctant to use it, as we were used to the old way of typing our searches, but not any more stats show that in 2020 most of the searches will be voiced rather typed.

Would you like to know a bit about how voice search evolved?

Well, back in the early 90’s there were no signs of voice search and we would only get a glimpse of it in the science fiction, thriller movies, where they would show an advanced world some 50 years ahead.

After the advent of some famous search engines like Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, etc. somewhere between the end of the 20th century and the beginning of this century, we started getting a hold of searching and typing content on these websites. We got used to looking for solutions to our problems on the internet.

Then came the modern era

In the modern, advanced era of Facebook, Twitter, other such websites and the whole concept of social mediums was introduced. Typing became easier and more familiar, and later on, we even got used to typing messages on the touch screens.

google search voice

And now, at this moment, typing is getting older and outdated. What we are now going to get used to is ‘voice search,’ ‘voice messaging,’ ‘voice mails,’ etc.

The culture of turning text in voice simply evolved with time as a means of getting your searches done more quickly, as it’s much quicker than the typed text.

Here Are Some Top Reasons Why People Use Voice Search?

Of course, the basic reason that people started using voice search options has been the fact that life is getting busier and busier everywhere in the world and the value of time is being highly realized in today’s world.

So, people mostly use voice search when:

  • They are too busy to even type the search
  • They are not sure about the spellings of the search
  • They are not good with typing and text
  • They want to try something new
  • They are not aware of the details of the search
  • They happen to be much of a talkative person than a typing one
  • Want to keep themselves up to date with the modern world

What You Can Do to Optimize Voice Search

Considering the value that voice search has got to gain today, what are YOU doing to optimize voice search for your website?

1. Is your content voice-search friendly?

If not, then you are likely to be left behind in the race of SEO. Make your content voice-search friendly, which means the queries are getting more and more conversational. People usually tend to ask questions i.e.., starting with why, what, when, where, how, etc. so try to include them in the content.

2. Your website must load quickly:

Your website must get loaded quickly and just in time. Users with voice searches are in more hurry than anyone else. They want their answers, solutions to their problems as fast as possible. You know why? Because searching through voice gives a feel that you’re talking to somebody and that reply would come as quickly as a real person would reply.

3. Don’t be formal at all, use daily language:

Write the content just the way you would talk with someone which means in regular, informal language and this will help the user get to the website very promptly.

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As the user will never be using any formal language with the searches, make sure you keep all the formal mumbo jumbo off the website.

4. Concentrate on a particular area or region:

It’s better to concentrate on one particular region. This is the thing with voice searching mechanism, you can’t use the same content for multiple regions. Why? Because a US citizen searching in the US accent of the English language would never get to the content written in the British way.

5. Voice searches are mostly related to action:

We can easily see that voice searches are mostly related to action. People searching on the internet through voice options would not normally be looking for theoretical, literary content. Instead, they might be looking for, let’s say, a quick mechanical fix to some irritating mechanical problem, or ‘how to update the Fortnight game?’ ‘Where can I get the best assignment writing services UK?’ etc.

6. Did you know voice searches are longer than text ones?

Yes, indeed, voice searches are generally longer, just as simple conversations are longer than the letters or emails. With voice searches, the user is speaking out his queries and the computer has this duty to interpret it rightly. Make your website in such a way that it matches the long and detailed queries of the voice search users.

How could you put this knowledge into use?

We are very sure that our detailed explanation of voice search optimization has helped you. But the question is, how are you going to use this knowledge? Is all that has been said applicable? Yes, it is, we stand by it.

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What you now need to do is simply go through a range of websites that are successfully using the voice search techniques and see for yourself how you could practically take steps further with the voice search optimization for your website.

Now get started with it..!

Voice Search Optimization for Google 2020: You don’t have to fret about how you are supposed to take steps ahead. Just make a comparison between our given steps and the techniques used by other successful websites, and get started with the steps that turn out to be most suitable and reasonable for you.

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