7 Tips to Ensure Quality of Buds

Everyone wants to enjoy top-quality buds, but not many of us know how to pick the best ones. Here are seven clues that you can look for to spot the best buds for yourself.


The quality of buds is dependent upon several factors, which is why it’s very difficult to tell good and bad buds apart. Certain factors such as aeration, climate, nutrient supplies, and harvesting methods play a key role in the product you yield. Many experts also find it tough to get the quality right and be consistent with selecting the right product every time.

However, with some careful speculations, you can find out whether a bud is good or not by picking on a few clues. We will provide you with seven tips that will make bagging the best buds easier for you. Let’s go!

Analyze Colors

Like other fruits and vegetables, there is a lot that color can tell you about, and the same goes for buds. Buds don’t have a standard shade or depth of color but what you have to look for is the color quality.

You have to pick vibrant buds, bright, and have a popping color. The greens on your bud must look lively and should not have a dull tone.

You also want to notice a myriad of hues ranging from purples to oranges and some whites, browns, and reds. This is important because dull bud colors indicate that the buds are old and stale, whereas bright colors depict higher quality.

Explore Defects

When you are looking for buds, look for problems that can be seemingly alarming because they indicate serious defects. You have to carefully inspect the buds for insect damage, any discoloration, and mildew and mold growth. If you notice any such problems, then you are most likely to be looking at low-grade weed.

Scrutinize Bud Density

Bud density is an important factor to consider because this leaves behind many clues. If you have dense, heavy buds, these are ideal. If you come across sparse buds that weigh little to nothing, then you might be looking at low-quality weeds.

Assess For Resin

If there’s one piece of advice that we would want to give to anyone buying buds, it is to always go for resinous buds. You should ideally have a thick layer of resin spread all over the buds. This thick layer is referred to as trichomes.

These resinous trichomes have a high quantity of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These compounds are responsible for the aroma as well.

Find Trimming Issues

The quality of your buds is heavily impacted by how good the trim is on the buds. Any mistake made during the trimming process can have a significant effect on the quality of the bud. You want to have neatly trimmed buds and have to avoid hastily chopped ones.

You should look for no excess leaves on the buds and have to ensure that no buds cut have been cut into half accidentally. If you cannot see any buds at all among the foliage, then you should know that it is of low quality. Sniffing Helps

You might find it strange, but you can smell the quality of weed because it tends to spread across the room and does so very quickly. It’s a bad idea to pick odorless buds because what you should be looking for is a strong and powerful smell.

Sticky Texture

The stickier the bud, the greater the quality. As you become a regular user, you will find out that stickier buds are always the best ones. You don’t want to have brittle and damp buds, but you should rather have dry and sticky ones that you can easily find at Kootenay Botanicals.

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