7 Fun Ways to Spend Your Lunch Break


 Your lunch break is the only piece of you-time you get throughout the working day, so it’s important to spend it wisely. If you’re tired of doing the same old activity at noon each day, then it’s time to change it up a little – here are seven fun ways to spend your lunch break.

1.Read a Book 

Why not boost your brain while having fun? Take your mind away from the chaos of the working day by pulling out an engrossing novel and letting yourself slip away. The great thing about reading is you can do it virtually everywhere – from your desk, in the nearby park, or in the break room (as long as it’s not too loud!).

2.Go for a Swim 

OK, so your mind might not jump to exercise when you think of a break, but swimming is a really fun activity while doubling as one of the best forms of exercise.

A lunch break is all about clearing your mind, ready for the second half of the day, and nothing will do that quite like a dip in the pool. If you have a local swimming pool near you, consider a thirty-minute swim on your lunch break now and again.

3.Play a Game 

Gaming is pure escapism, and that is exactly what you need after a full morning of work. Play an app on your phone, boost up an action role-player on your PC, or browse some brand new bingo sites to while away the hour in an entertaining way.

4.Catch Up on a TV Show 

Long gone are the days when you could only watch TV in your sitting room. Now, you can catch up on your latest shows on your phone or your work computer, so why not do that on your lunch break?

It can be difficult to cram in watching TV in the evening, especially if you cook and have children, so utilize your lunchtime to stay up to date with Netflix.

5.Plan a Getaway 

Take your mind miles away from work by planning a future getaway. Let yourself browse potential destinations, hotels, and flight details, browsing until you are virtually there! You don’t have to book it straight away – just the act of planning can be fun enough to warrant an hour spent on it.

6.Give Your Friend a Call

Chatting with your co-workers can be a fun way to spend your lunch break, but when you spend all your weekdays with them, you might feel like talking to someone new. Why not call one of your friends instead? Talking to your mates is a huge de-stressor, so it’s the perfect way to pass the time if you’re having a hectic day.

7.Take a Walk

You don’t have to confine yourself to your working space during your lunch. In fact, it’s much better if you don’t! Give your body and mind a refresh by taking a little walk around. You’ll go back to work feeling much lighter.

Lunch breaks should be all about you, so don’t get tempted to catch up on work – allow yourself to fully relax and have fun.

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