The 9 Crucial Things to Know About Homeowners Associations

HomeOwners Associations (HOAs) offer several high-profile services, including tenant placements, property maintenance, and tenant eviction.


HomeOwners Associations (HOAs)offer several high-profile services, including tenant placements, tenant management, property maintenance, and tenant eviction.

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Here are nine essential things you need to know about homeowners associations (HOA):

HOAs Have Different Priorities

Depending on the community’s objectives and impending issues, HOA focuses on prioritizing essential matters. You should, therefore, take time to learn the crucial issues that matter to your community and HOA. If you need info on any HOA, you should always prioritize attending HOA Annual General Meetings, where all issues are discussed.

The 9 Crucial Things to Know About Homeowners AssociationsUsually, HOA will charge a fee to cover the operating budget for property maintenance such as outdoor landscaping and swimming pool. An HOA will also specify how shared facilities or amenities are utilized. Another critical thing about HOA is that they make rules in Covenants, Codes, and Restriction (CCRs) designed to preserve and protect the property under management.

Analyze the Insurance in the HOA 

Insurance aspects are shared between homeowners and HOA. Getting the right insurance policy can help protect members from various risks. For instance, catastrophe insurance is highly recommended when purchasing a Condo in an area that experiences natural calamities. In case of an emergency, HOA may also request additional fees to cover repairs and massive upgrades. To stay safe, always ensure the HOA you choose has updated insurance payments.

Keep an Eye on Under the Management

HOA is a non-profit organization with a team of volunteers serving on the board. HOAs are usually managed by private property companies or CMCAs (Certified Manager of Community Associations).

Rules governing HOA Covenants, Codes, and restrictions can be found online. If this information is not available, inquire about them from the estate agent or the HOA office. Besides the CCR violations, check corresponding HOA fines and modalities governing the rules. If the rules are too excessive or restrictive, consider buying a home elsewhere.

HOA Penalties for Wrongdoing

HOA also plays a critical role in ensuring members are disciplined and well-guided. To do so, an HOA develops a comprehensive strategy typically to handle cases of disagreements and misconduct. Penalties are applied in line with existing state laws and community history. Note; more complex problems and issues will attract enormous penalties.

Check Compliance Status

When you are ready to move into a community and purchase a property, remember to check compliance with HOA. Overlooking underlying issues between the existing homeowner and the association could land you in problems you least expected. If you notice anything is amiss about the home or compound, be sure to inquire. The issues can range from extensive exterior improvements to something as mundane as an overgrown yard.

Read Environmental Practices

There are some HOAs that pays considerable attention to issues like environmental-friendly living and home improvements. In such instances, the HOA may suggest what homeowners and the community should use for pesticides and fertilizers for landscaping purposes and much more. Also, check the things HOA may prohibit, such as installing solar panels, fencing, and environmental landscaping.

HOAs May Charge Sub-association Fees

A fee is accessed to create a cash pool for maintaining property infrastructure within the sub-community. The charge is vital when implementing phased development and will ensure all the phases of development are covered until the project is completed and handed over.

HOA Works to Maintain the Community’s Integrity

The general services provided by HOA include sweeping the streets, landscaping, and maintaining the shared amenities used by the host community. These services are vital in creating a beautiful and well-maintained living quarter and will go a long way to ensure long-term property viability. It is also helpful to know that homeowners living in HOA-managed properties won’t have to deal with troublesome neighbors. All cases and incidents of this nature are reported to the property management company, which will then act on them.

HOA Reputation Counts

Since the association plays a quasi-government role in the community, it is essential to pay attention to who runs it and how competent the team manages operations. Although members are selected by the community and act voluntarily, specific associations are led by professionals. If a private company is brought on board, do some background investigations to know their reputation. Then, you can tell for sure that you understand what it entails.

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