9 Hotmail Facts That You Totally Should Know

Before Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, or other messaging apps, the internet world only knew about messaging: MSN Hotmail.


Before Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, or other messaging apps, the internet world only knew about messaging: MSN Hotmail. Whether it’s for work or personal use, everyone back in the day has an MSN Hotmail for their friends, family, and colleagues’ emails and messages. 

9 Hotmail Facts That You Totally Should Know

Presently known as Hotmail, this email and messaging app by Microsoft is one of the oldest and most popular email services in the whole world. If you are not familiar with Hotmail and you want to know some things about it, here are Hotmail facts that you need to know.

Hotmail was initially MSN Hotmail

One of the most popular Hotmail facts is it is formerly known as MSN Hotmail. Microsoft was able to acquire the emailing app from its original owners. After the purchase, they changed the name into MSN Hotmail. The name became the new status of Hotmail and introduced it as a new part of the MSN group of services. 

Emailing is what MSN Hotmail is all about. 

Managing and viewing emails has never been accessible before Hotmail existed. You can also easily find the email or message that you want to access without scrolling through your pile of emails. Search for the email on the search bar, and it will show the email you are looking for. 

You can also easily send emails of your own with its fresh, convenient “New Message” function. If you want to see the emails you sent, you can access them in the “Sent Items.” lastly, if you’re going to make a draft email to send for later, you can save one in the “Drafts” folder on the app.

Hotmail has cool filters.

It is easy for one to navigate emails and sort them in different folders and categories with Hotmail’s features. One of their best features is the “Junk Mail,” which Hotmail’s version of a spam folder. You can also send essential emails from your inbox using the “Archive” feature and see past messages in the “Conversation History.” 

Hotmail has three columns on its interface.

When you open Hotmail, you will instantly see three columns. The first one on the left is the options menu where you can see all the functions you can use. In the center part, is the list of emails, opened or unopened ones, and some sent and draft items. Lastly, the third column on the right side of the interface is where the contents of the emails you have selected. 

Hotmail provides 15 GB storage space to its users. 

You can use the 15 GB storage space provided by Hotmail for your emails. There are times that emails can get full, and you can’t send or receive emails anymore. If you want to keep all your emails, you can use the storage space, but check the memory you’ve used so far in the “Storage” section in Hotmail’s settings.

Hotmail emailing is straightforward

Unlike other emailing sites and apps, Hotmail is straightforward to use when sending emails. Click on “New Message” at the upper left of the interface and then type in your email content and the email address of the person you intend to send the message. 

Make a group in Hotmail

You can start a group in Hotmail. Easily click “New Group” and then add a group name and a brief description of the group. Click “Create,” and it will automatically process the group message. Once done, you can add the email address of the members you wish to add to the group. 

Keep track on your dates and schedule with Hotmail’s Calendar

If you want to make schedules and dates on your Hotmail, you can easily set up your calendar on Hotmail’s calendar feature. The calendar has three columns; on the left side, you can see the month, and above that are some arrows for you to change the month displayed. 

In the center, you have the days and the weeks of the month, and the right side the details of the scheduled date. Hotmail also offers different types of calendars, such as holiday and sports calendars around the world. This helps their users keep track of what certain holidays and events are going around the world. You also have the option to add an event on any day. 

Contact adding is easy

When you want to add a new friend or contact on Hotmail, all you need to do is click “Add Contact.” A form will pop up, and it will ask you to fill out a contact’s full names. You can also add more information about the contact, such as their email address, contact number, occupation, address, company names, and more. Once you’re done, click on “Create.” 


Hotmail is one of the most useful emailing apps you can get today. It is convenient and easy to use whenever you want. Whether it’s for personal or business use, and MSN Hotmail will always come in handy. It has all the fresh and updated features that will make you manage your emails effortlessly. 

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