The 9 Latest Jewelry Trends in 2021 That Will Upgrade Your Style

The powers that be who decide the styles and trends are fickle beings. They are continuously changing their minds, and different styles blow in and out of vogue as quickly as the wind.


The powers that be who decide the styles and trends are fickle beings. They are continuously changing their minds, and different styles blow in and out of vogue as quickly as the wind. Warmer weather is right around the corner, which means fresh new trends are emerging for jewelry. Here are some of the latest trends for the 2021 spring season to upgrade your personal style and your jewelry drawer, from pearls to crystals to layered necklaces and nameplates.

The 9 Newest Jewelry Trends for 2021The 9 Latest Jewelry Trends in 2021 That Will Upgrade Your Style

  1. Custom Nameplate Necklaces: Getting your name on a necklace has been a popular trend since the ’80s, and it’s come back into vogue for spring 2021. Though you might spend a little more, getting a personalized nameplate necklace is both a great way to pamper yourself or it makes for a memorable and one-of-a-kind gift that lasts a lifetime. Nameplate necklaces are being seen everywhere: on influencers, celebrities, runways, even at the grocery store, and they are available in virtually endless style combinations for a unique way to show the world a part of your personality.
  2. Charm Bracelets: You may think of charm bracelets as something your parents gave you on your seventh birthday, but they have evolved considerably since then and are making a comeback in 2021. The charm bracelets available today don’t look like they belong to a middle schooler, though. They’re available in dainty silver and gold filigree bracelets or anklets with beautiful charms made of precious gems and metals. The best part is that they can be customized to fit any personality or preference and can be added or removed anytime you want a different look.
  3. Under Lock and Key: Getting a necklace with a key, padlock, or both is being seen more and more by celebrities and ordinary people alike. They’re a great example of statement jewelry and come in any size or shape you want. Look for one on the daintier side, so it doesn’t weigh you down or overpower your outfit. However, if you want it to be your outfit’s main accent, then certainly, bigger is better. There are also padlock bracelets available, but it’s best to pick one or the other, so the effect isn’t overwhelming.
  4. Pearls, pearls, pearls: Pearls have been spotted in a variety of mediums on the runway and the street. They’re no longer just for the preppy sorority girl or your grandmother. They can be worn in a traditional necklace or bracelet, or as drop earrings and in rings. Pearls have long offered a more understated or classic look, but the styles available today provide a delicate, feminine vibe. They’re also versatile and can dress up or dress down an outfit depending on how they’re worn.
  5. Layers on Layers: The newest way to wear necklaces is to take delicate chain necklaces or chains with a pendant and layer them for a cool new look. It’s as straightforward as it sounds; take as many necklaces as you want and layer them on top of one another. However, place them on your neck at gradual lengths, with one necklace shorter than the next, etc., for a layered look that draws eyes over your décolletage. Too many chains of the same length can look messy.
  6. Hammered Artisan Pieces: Wearing hammered or crushed artisan-crafted metal jewelry has been rising in popularity, especially hammered silver or gold bangles, which are great for a luxe look with a boho touch. Every piece of hammered jewelry is like a snowflake. No two are identical due to the unique hammering technique used to texturize the metal, especially if they are handcrafted. Put away your regular gold hoops, and look for a crushed pair, as that style has been seen on ears all over the runways for the 2021 fashion season.
  7. Crystal Accents on Anything: The crystal-accented jewelry trend can be seen on virtually any street in America, from the east coast to the west coast. However, the style for 2021 is over-exaggerated crystal drop earrings and pendants. It’s better to have many small crystal accents on your jewelry instead of larger ones, as big faux gems can look gaudy or like costume jewelry. Blinged-out, icy jewelry is one of the best ways to add a bold statement piece to your wardrobe, though, and is one of the hottest trends for the spring season in 2021.
  8. Ear Climbers, Cuffs, and Hooks: Ear climbers are a stylish new way to wear earrings, either as a simple, delicate metal piece or with crystal accents. Ear climber earrings lie horizontally across the globe of your ear instead of hanging down, so it’s better to find them with a long post that looks similar to a bobby pin. Sometimes regular post climber earrings will work, but only if they’re lightweight. Anything heavy will gravitate downwards and won’t stay in position.

The best part about this trend is you don’t need to have your ears pierced to take advantage of it. Ear cuffs are little earrings made for non-pierced ears, and they slide right over and onto your cartilage. Ear hooks are less common but are a cool, unique way to wear earrings not commonly seen, though they are picking up in popularity for 2021.

They are a long piece of metal that curves at the top and looks like a mini-shepherds hook. They stick through your ear piercing and hook over the top of your ear to stay in place. The most popular hook earring right now is a lightning bolt style, accented with CZ, diamonds, or multi-colored gems and crystals.

9. Excessively Long Pendant Necklaces: A new jewelry style seen in designer collections all over the runways is extra-long pendant necklaces. However, you want them to lie in between or just below your breasts. Any longer, and it starts to look a little ridiculous. The excessively long necklace style can be worn single or layered for a bolder, more contemporary look. Whether you choose a pendant, gemstone, charm, or pearls, extra-long necklaces are among the newest trends for 2021 on the runways and in magazines.

Try These New Jewelry Trends for 2021

Every new year we see different fashion trends emerge, particularly for jewelry. For spring 2021, some of the best styles are pearls, custom nameplate necklaces, crystal accents, and layering, all of which are excellent ways to upgrade your jewelry drawer. The latest jewelry trends for 2021 make an ideal gift for any woman in your life or just as a way to pamper and appreciate yourself. Try some of the newest jewelry trends in spring 2021 for a cool new addition to your wardrobe and as a way to upgrade your jewelry collection.

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