The Audi Tech Pack: Exploring the Upgrades You Can Get From the Latest Models

Audi Tech Pack

Audi is one of the biggest manufacturers of luxury vehicles. Their automobile lineup stands out in terms of quality, comfort, sleek, modern, and attractive designs.

Audi Tech Pack Latest Models

The brand itself is synonymous with luxury, which means you will get the real deal if you want to own a high-end, top-of-the-line car.

Audi, however, does not only focus on designing and producing the most visually appealing and luxurious vehicles. Their automobiles are also known for their high-tech features, making them truly technically advanced and leaders in automotive technology.

Investing in an Audi Tech Pack

Audi gives buyers of their recent models the chance to equip their choice of vehicle with the latest in automotive tech. You can get these new features when you invest in the Audi technology package.

Automotive experts from an Audi service center and garage in Dubai share below what you will get when you purchase the Audi tech pack:

1. Audi Virtual Cockpit

If you want to have a dashboard that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie, Audi’s virtual cockpit is the feature you’re looking for.

The virtual cockpit features a digital display that you can program to show you the information you need or want as you drive your vehicle.

With the virtual cockpit, the standard analog driver’s instruments are replaced by a set of digital dials on a 12.3-inch display placed neatly behind the steering wheel. The screen displays the speedometer, rev counter, radio, media information, caller ID, and car settings.

It also displays your choice of the navigation system, which includes Google 3D maps.

You can enlarge the icons if you want to make the features on the digital display more noticeable. If you want to add more functions, you can reduce the dials to make more room for the additional buttons.

2.Audi MMI Navigation Plus

Audi’s MMI Navigation Plus system allows users to access almost every feature of the vehicle. Whether you want to get directions, play music, or call someone, you can do these with a simple touch of a button.

This piece of technology is designed to operate as a smartphone. You can pinch, tap, or swap the screen to manipulate the media options.

However, like a smartphone, you can also use voice command to access the features.

Its best feature, though, is its MMI touch with handwriting-recognition technology. To use it for navigating, simply write an entry on the touchpad instead of scrolling up and down and finding the details you are looking for.

This hand-writing technology helps make Audi’s navigation feature easier to use.

3. Audi Connect

This feature of the tech pack allows you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle.

Once your phone is connected, you can do many things hands-free, including making phone calls, opening emails, listening to the radio and podcasts, and accessing directions.

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You can also upgrade the standard Audi Connect to Prime, which offers more top-of-the-line features. These include getting the latest info on fuel prices, the weather, and even general news.

Audi Connect Prime can also help you find the ideal parking spots if you are looking for one.

Additionally, when you subscribe to Audi Connect Prime, you will also have access to Audi Connect Plus. This feature gives your vehicle a Wi-Fi hotspot, which allows a maximum of eight devices to connect to the Internet, regardless of where you are and where you are headed.

4. Audi Driver Assistance

The automotive brand’s tech pack does not only offer features that make driving one’s vehicle more convenient and comfortable but also has others designed to keep it safe on the road.

Its driver assistance tech features include:

  • Side assist: This feature uses sensors to detect moving vehicles, humans, and animals in your blind spot and alert you before you make a move. You can then change lanes safely.
  • Lane assist: This system helps you drive straight when you start drifting out of your lane, particularly when you are going at a high speed. Lane assist detects road markings, and when you veer from them, it sends a vibration to the steering wheel, alerting you to correct your position quickly.
  • Pre-sense: This particular feature allows you to keep an eye on the road and warns you of objects in front. It also applies the brakes when needed.
  • Cross-traffic assist rear: This piece of tech alerts you when another vehicle crosses your blind spot and activates the brakes when needed. It is a handy feature to have when reversing your car.
  • Adaptive cruise control: This feature slows down your vehicle to keep you at a safe distance from the car in front, even if it comes to a sudden, quick stop. Once traffic starts moving again, the system accelerates to resume your speed.
  • Quattro: The Quattro all-wheel-drive of Audi vehicles enables you to maneuver safely when someone in front of you swerves. It works by distributing the grip where it is needed in similar situations.

Lastly, Audi vehicles have a variety of cameras and other sensor technologies that function as a virtual backseat driver. This feature gives you peace of mind as you travel a busy highway or quiet country road as youexplore the UAE.

5. Audi Tech Pack Wireless Phone Charging

If you own or buy an Audi sports car, you can have it fitted with the Audi Phone Box.

This is a storage compartment that allows you to charge your Qi-enabled smartphone through wireless charging.

The charger will be installed in the center console box. To charge your phone, put the device in the holder.

Additionally, the Audi Phone Box connects the charging smartphone to an external aerial via a wireless connection, which improves the reception.

6. Bang &Olufsen Sound System

Lastly, the latest Audi vehicles are also equipped with the Bang &Olufsen sound system, which provides the driver and passenger with amazing in-car sound design and experience.

This modern, state-of-the-art 3D sound system includes a standout surround-sound acoustic experience, customized speakers, aluminum speaker covers, and two moving tweeters. It also comes with advanced vehicle noise compensation, sound tuning, and up to 1920 watts of application power.

With these features, you and your passengers will feel like you are in a concert hall or any professional musical setting even if you are on the road.

If you want to own a vehicle that has the best in luxury and technology, you won’t go wrong with choosing an Audi.


Ahmad Ramadan is a managing partner of the Deutsche Technik Service Center, Dubai’s first and biggest automotive expert and performance tuner, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Bentley, Porsche, & Lamborghini. DT has also developed an esteemed portfolio in the repair, servicing and restoration of classic vehicles as well as body work (accident recovery, painting and denting). DT Service Center provides a wide range of services: mechanical repairs, servicing, maintenance, etc.

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