The Best Bedroom Decor Ideas For Newlyweds


From finding a twin memory foam mattress that works for both of you, to picking out a decor style you both agree on, with a little planning and a lot of patience, you’ll be left with the perfect bedroom to begin the rest of your lives with.

If you’re used to keeping your bedroom a personal space, moving in with your partner can be a challenge. Finding bedroom decor ideas both you and your partner can agree on will keep your bedroom feeling like a shared retreat, and keep you both comfortable and cozy through the night.

A few key things need to be in check for you and your partner to get the most out of your space. Comfort should be the number one priority in your bedroom – keeping things cozy and ensuring you’re both going to feel secure enough to get a good night’s sleep is going to be important as you decorate your space.

Another important facet of your new bedroom? Space. When you move into a flat with your new partner, you’re going to find that you value private and personal space. Avoid the temptation to keep your bedroom cluttered with too much bedroom furniture – this will open up your room and keep things cool through the night.

Find The Most Comfortable Mattress For You Both

All good bedroom decor ideas start with the bed. When it comes to getting the right amount of sleep for both you and your partner, it’s important to read mattress reviews and invest in the best you can. If you’re looking for something versatile to share with your partner, it’s hard to go wrong with a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattresses have motion isolation capabilities that mean you won’t be disturbed, despite any tossing and turning it takes for your partner to get cozy. The best mattresses for shared beds should also have some kind of temperature regulation functionality built-in.

Foam mattresses also come with molding capabilities that make them adaptable to a wide range of sleeping positions. If you have a partner who likes to toss and turn through the night, foam mattresses are the perfect choice to keep things comfy.

This is especially useful if one or both of you are hot sleepers, and find it difficult to share your bed without feeling a little stuffy. High-quality memory foam mattresses will take this into consideration, and ensure to keep things cool through the night.

Splurge On Bedroom Furniture You Know Will Last

Once you’ve found the foam mattress of your dreams, then it’s time to widen your bedroom decor ideas to other pieces of bedroom furniture you know will add that extra touch of comfort. For an extra touch of luxury in your space, opting for an adjustable bed frame can be a great choice.

Adjustable bed frames are a great choice for couples who have drastically different sleeping styles. Not only can you use an adjustable bed frame to set your foam mattress the exact position you’d want it in at night, it also serves as a multi-functional tool for your space.

Modern adjustable bed frames come with charging ports, underhead lighting, and even massage zones for your specific comfort. The customizable features of adjustable bed frames allow both you and your partner to stay catered too, while still being able to share your bed.

Other pieces of bedroom furniture worth splurging on are smart storage solutions. To keep your bedroom looking clutter-free, you’ll want to invest in something that integrates with your space seamlessly. One way to do this with your storage solutions is by investing in pieces that double as decorative elements in your bedroom.

One such bedroom decor idea is to invest in a nightstand with drawers. These can double as a showpiece for your bedroom while remaining an efficient place to keep away all your bedside essentials.

Pick Out A Decor Style You’ll Both Love

No matter how comfortable your adjustable bed frame or foam mattress is, you’re going to want a decor theme that you can use to plan the rest of your space. This is where most couples struggle since different sensibilities can clash and make it difficult to choose bedroom furniture.

A good way to brainstorm bedroom decor ideas you both will love is by pooling together your shared interests or visions for your space. If you’re both looking for a warm, cozy space, decorating your bedroom with a boho sensibility is going to build just this for you.

If you’re looking for something a little cleaner, with a modern, zen vibe, minimalist bedroom decor is perfect. Otherwise, if you’re a couple with a taste for the finer things in life, jazz it up with a luxury bedroom and bedroom decor ideas that ensure you’re staying as comfortable as possible.

Keep Things Airy And Spacious

When you’re sharing your bedroom with a partner, you’ll soon discover how much you both value your own personal time and space. One of the more common mistakes newlyweds make when coming up with bedroom decor ideas is getting overly enthusiastic with bedroom furniture and instantly cluttering their space.

Make sure to leave ample space between different pieces of bedroom furniture to keep your bedroom looking larger and to create breathing space between you and your partner. Similarly, picking the best size for your foam mattress is going to be important- most need plenty of ventilation to keep cool and remain comforting, so try not to get a size that is too big for your room.

From finding the top rated mattress for both your shared comfort, to picking out bedroom furniture you know will fit the decor theme you both love, seeing your bedroom decor ideas come to life can be an incredibly rewarding process.

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