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Almost all of us have experienced dizziness once in our life, and we know how horrible and uncomfortable it is. However, a person suffering from vertigo has to go through this feeling of dizziness almost daily. So getting it treated by the best doctor for vertigo is needed.

Anything from a fast-moving train or bus or looking from a certain height can trigger it. Now to understand the problem, we need to know what vertigo is.

The characteristics of vertigo 

The sensation of vertigo is very much like motion sickness. It makes you feel like your body or your entire surrounding is spinning. You lose control over your body and start falling down. Even if you are lying down, it feels like the bed is spinning.

In most cases, if you are lying down while this happens, it makes you grab onto your bed because it makes you feel like you will fall off. Closing off your eyes becomes the only solution. Moreover, there is no telling when you will be able to get up if you do not get proper medication.

The different types of vertigo are listed below 

  1. Peripheral vertigo – the inner ear is to blame in this case. Whenever there is a problem with it, this happens.
  2. Central vertigo – this is the one to worry about as it happens because of the brain. If you are suffering anything from an infection, brain injury, or a stroke, this one happens

These two are the main types and peripheral vertigo is more common. Now comes the cause and most of the time it is because of problems or illness that happens in the inner ear.

  1. If you change the position of your head very fast it causes the small crystals in the canals of your ear to move and then it touches the sensitive nerve endings on the inside. This can cause severe spinning sensations and this is called positional vertigo.

It can happen when you are waking up, or just running down to get something.

  1. Now a viral infection can also cause inflammation in the inner ear. Mostly this happens near the balance apparatus and results in severe dizziness and spinning. This is called vestibular neuritis and is a cause of vertigo.
  2. Experiencing ringing in the ear or repeated episodes of dizziness caused by the change in the volume of fluid inside the inner ear can also cause vertigo. How this happens is still a mystery, but it is common among people. However, there is medication for this problem.
  3. Repeated ear infections can also cause vertigo. It can cause skin growth in the middle ear and is to be taken seriously. If not treated timely, it can cause hearing loss too.

These causes remind us why we need the best doctor for vertigo if we ever encounter these. The sensations can worsen if not treated right away. Episodes tend to occur more frequently and get more aggressive. So do not try to wait it out.

Now you should also know the symptoms properly to differentiate them from normal dizziness.

Symptoms to look out for 

  1. Nausea – a very common symptom of vertigo is this one. And this is pretty obvious too. The constant spinning is what causes it.
  2. Ringing in ears – a very faint ringing starts to happen. It continues for a long time and sometimes does not stop even after the vertigo episode.
  3. Vomiting – this happens if the attacks are really long and you start to lose control. This can also make you stop eating.
  4. Spinning sensation – the spinning sensation in vertigo is very different. It either feels like the entire world is collapsing on you or you are collapsing on yourself and cannot control your body.
  5. Balance problems – even after the attack, it is very hard to walk around freely. You always feel like you will fall if you take a single step.

All these symptoms may happen together or happen one at a time. However, each of them is a very serious problem, so do not wait till you get all of them to get the check-up. The best doctor for vertigo will do a detailed test and get you right back on your feet.


In the case of vertigo, there is really no telling when one will get this. It happens pretty suddenly and the first episode can be very confusing. Sometimes it is also passed genetically. So it is better to know your close family’s medical history so you can be better prepared if you experience it.

The best thing to do when you go through the first episode is to sit down and try to avoid any climbing or anything which can risk you falling down. Further injuries should be avoided as much as possible. So that you do not have to go through the trouble of treating them.


Treatment varies from one clinic to another. But the best doctor for vertigo will guide you through three main steps. These steps would help you treat your problem and give you the confidence to go about your daily life again.

Three steps in treating vertigo 

  1. A good consultation – means that you will have to tell your experience in detail to a professional. This will help them understand your situation and what you are going through. Only after doing this can, they decide which tests you need to do before starting your medication.
  2. Thorough diagnostic testing – these tests are done to pinpoint the reason for your illness. It is very important to locate the cause of the disease correctly before starting to treat it. To do this, proper testing is required.
  3. Personalized therapy that is curated only for you – after all the tests and consultation you get your medication and therapy to improve your situation.

Even if the treatment takes time, it is always advisable to not lose hope. So keep this in mind, and fight your way through this illness.

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