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Have you ever wondered that nowadays people find a tool for merging and editing PDF files? It has been a very common problem nowadays. Merge PDF files make one easy to read the document. It saves a lot of time compared to printing and scanning your documents.

People still prefer old-school workarounds like printing and rearranging the PDFs, and sending them after scanning. But do you know new light has been shed upon that you use to merge each document into a single PDF and upload it wherever you want without any problem? Nowadays, there’s no need to send each document separately.

What will happen and what will be your strategy if you will be given a platform that may have a single-file limit? The only strategy that you can use for handling multiple file uploads is that you can merge the document and make a single PDF for it. It happens in the case of sending your resume, portfolio, recommendation letter and some certificates etc. It can be efficiently managed without wasting our time.

Instead of wasting time, keeping patience in yourself and without losing track of what’s already printed, here is the list of some handpicked merge PDF tools that you can use to merge PDFs files online and offline.

Best Merge PDF Software Tools

1. Small PDF: Small PDF is the software tool that allows you to merge each document into a single document. The edited version generated in the Small PDF gets deleted permanently, so you have to save the required file immediately you want.

2. ILovePDF: ILovePDF merges the documents into a single PDF and you can rotate the pages you want before combining. The PDFs can be rearranged alphabetically and supports Google Drive and dropbox services. It is an online software tool and is supported in Windows, Mac and mobile phones.

3. PDF Merge: The PDF Merge software tool merges an unlimited number of documents and is easy to use. It is associated with another software tool called Soda PDF which requires a monthly or annual subscription for complete access but in PDF Merge, it is not required and the process is free. The only thing you have to worry about is storage running out and working in Android only.

4. Combine PDF: Combine PDF is an online tool that allows you to convert PDF documents into .doc, .docx, .png or .jpg files. It combines up to 20 images into a single document and also rearranges the pages.

5. DocuPub: DocuPub is an online combining tool. It can compress, resize and convert documents and images into other files. You can find the saved documents into various formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

6. Merge PDF Chrome Extension: Merge PDF Chrome Extension is the Google Chrome extension that merges PDF documents without damaging the original document.

7. Soda PDF Chrome Extension: Soda PDF Chrome Extension is another Google Chrome extension that allows you to merge files and provides services like splitting, compressing, protecting PDF files and converting documents into other file types. You can work offline with the desktop version but the most popular is the online version. It is supported in Windows, Mac and mobile phones.

8. TalkHelper PDF Converter: TalkHelper PDF Converter is one of the best software tools that allows you to merge and split PDF. It also allows you to extract specific pages from other documents and combine them into a single document. It offers high-quality output and rearranges the order of the PDFs. It can only be done in Windows only.

9. PDF SamBasic: PDF SamBasic is just like TalkHelper PDF Converter that merges and splits PDF. It allows you to rotate PDFs before merging and allows you to add a table of contents. It can be supported in Windows and Mac only.

10. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: Along with the splitting and merging of PDF documents in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, it also allows you to extract, rotate, arrange, insert and replace pages. To save your time, it offers a professional file structure within the shortest time. It arranges the documents according to your needs. It is supported in Windows, Mac and mobile phones.

11. PDF Binder: Merge PDF Binder is an absolutely free software tool that combines an limitless number of PDF documents into a single document. It is easy to use. It maintains the original document size and is supported only in Windows.

12. PDFMate: PDFMate is a software tool that allows you to merge and split PDF and you can choose your preferred paper size and orientation. Large PDFs can be broken by splitting, removing unwanted pages and rearranging the files.

How can you merge PDFs on Windows? 

1 Download and install the software that is required to merge PDFs on Windows.

2 Select the files that you want to merge and upload it.

3 Rearrange, delete, the pages depending on your needs when you are finished and click the Merge button.

4 Save your document by clicking Save.

How can you merge PDFs on MAC? 

1 Select the files you want to merge in the Preview App. Preview App is one of its hidden gems on MAC.

2 Click Thumbnails you want to see in the sidebar. Drag the whole PDF document you want to merge to another thumbnail and create a single document.

3 You can rearrange, delete pages depending on your needs in the final document.

4 Click the Merge button.

5 Save the merged PDF file when the document looks well-structured.

How can you merge PDFs on mobile phones?

Download the required software tool on your mobile phone. You can import your PDF document and select the required files needed to merge. Rearrange; delete the pages that are not required depending on your need. Click the merge button at the bottom of the screen and save the merged PDF file when the document looks well-structured.

Merge PDF files save time and storage on your device. It not only makes the process easy of sending files from one device to another but also helps to increase the speed of your device and avoids annoying.

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