Best Taobao Agents of 2020

Best Taobao Agents: China shipping forwarders and Taobao agents are all over the world and making the name. You can easily work with Taobao agents.


Best Taobao Agents: China shipping forwarders and Taobao agents are all over the world and making the name. Now you do not need to buy from the online stores that are buying from china because there is a way to directly buy Chinese stuff from the online china store where every Chinese buys too.

Taobao Agents

The possibilities are many and you can buy from them locally as well as online and the best part is you can buy them at manufacturer’s prices so now you do not have to go china for this.

How Taobao Agents Work?

There is a simple and easy way which you can easily adapt to work with the Taobao agents.

You just have to submit a link to the product that you copied on then the agent will buy the product for you from TMALL after that they will store your product at a warehouse where you can check your product by requesting them to send real photos, videos, measurement and quality check that could be done on

Taobao Agents

When you are ready you can do the paperwork of international delivery that where you want the product to be delivered in the world and that will be done on and in the last, you can give the confirmation of the delivery at WeChat where you can find the time of delivery and the total price with the estimated price that will be with the delivery charges and give them a delivery successful check so they can know that the product has been delivered to you safely.

Best Top 3 Taobao Agents

1. Superbuy

This Taobao agent is number one and gives you all the rights of direct shipping that you expect from an online shipment.

The Superbuy Taobao agent score is 100% that means that it gives you the fastest shipping with the best product quality and at the cheapest rates that you can not imagine with a local buyer.

The service that they give you is a free shopping agent service. They can be the most trusted shipment for you and so far they are giving you many features such as dropshipping, shipping forward, support reps, cost calculator, most of all the product comes in Taobao English so you can easily understand that the product you have bought has come to the right place.

If you check their website they are also giving you a $30 coupon for your first shopping.


BaseTao is in second place in the Taobao agent, this online store also has a 100% score and gives you a good price with 5% Chinese product plus offers you domestic shipping. It also gives you Taobao English support but it has a fixed time for that, it starts from 9:30 am to 18:30 pm. On top of that, it gives you all the features that Superbuy gives plus 180 days of free storage and insurance. If you check their website you will get a VIP2 but this is for new users only.

Best Taobao Agents of 2020


YOYBUY is the third on our list of Taobao agents. This e-commerce website gives a good price of the products plus 0% to 10% of the Chinese product price and gives you domestic shipping as well.

It gives you English support as well as fast Russian support too but the support comes at a fixed time that is from 9:30 am to 18:30 pm. The features are similar to Superbuy and if you visit their website you will get a free coupon of $10 on your first buy.

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These were the 3 best Taobao agents that are providing you online shipments so if you are interested in buying directly from china these three are the most recommended.

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