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Christmas is a festival that is celebrated globally. The essence of winter when mixed with delicious plates of dinner and weaves of laughter of togetherness, creates a magic that undoubted is sought after a whole year. This festival not just holds a religious aspect but is also one of the reasons why people come together, spend time with each other, and spread the joy of humanity. From donating warm clothes, providing shelter to stray dogs to decorating homes with trees and lights, Christmas is like a ray of sunshine in everyone’s lives that brings hopes, prosperities, smiles, joy and positivity in everyone. In short, people this time of the year celebrate their lives.

However, along with living a joyful life at home with family and friends this festival brings a considerable lot of new opportunities for the ones looking for small businesses or startups. As people tend to focus on making an investment in the quality of living, everyone is in search of new and interactive products to make life easier and bright as this is the best for starting a new business.

How to Fund a Small Business?

Starting a business can often take a toll on pockets and setting that business up can financially tame its growth. Financial backing is the first thing that comes to the owner’s mind. Here’s where banks and NBFCs come in. Every financial institute, banks, and NBFCs offer small business loans that help in the growth, arrangement, infrastructure, and operations of a business.

India’s emerging market and its potentials are hidden to no one and the contribution of SMEs in the GDP is the proof of how important it is for the healthy growth of the whole country. The Government has taken several steps to help the growth of this sector by introducing a bunch of loan schemes, made specifically for small businesses in India. Some of these being MSME loan, Mudra loan, etc. However, a lot of other options are available in the market to satisfy the needs of borrowers. These small business loans have very less processing time and with a load of varieties providing a strong backup for the financial burdens of starting a new business, be it big or small making creativity boundless.

Business ideas for Christmas

Without further ado, here are some of the small business ideas for Christmas that are heartily welcomed during Christmas by customers:

  • Decor shops: Winter is a season of exotic flowers and flowers are always on demand during festivals. Having a wide variety of flowers in a varied price range will allow customers to explore the options and visit the store again and again.
    Apart from fresh flowers, one can also keep a range of artificial flowers, potpourris, and essential oils. Candles are a must keep material this time of the year. Other small pieces like wine glasses, aroma diffusers, dinner sets, and coffee mugs always compliment the store. Pro tip would be storing products of pastel, block, and rustic tones as they are always on high demand.
  • Coffee shops: Even though there are plenty of coffee shops available, it is always better to have more. And as a bonus point, themed coffee shops are the most looked for. A warm, cosy, and homely feeling with an abundant view of the outside are always complimented by the customer. However, the taste, variety of coffee is of utmost importance here. Storing cookies, dry fruits for gifting, light snacks is mandatory.
  •  Gift shops: Most of the shops sell “products” while the customer keeps searching for a “gift”. Gifting is a very intimate act of knowing a person, the kind thought of making someone feel special, and the generous idea of sharing. Therefore, often gifts need to be personalized. Having a shop with all the available gifts and at the same time capable of mixing and making something out of the box for that look of happiness is always appreciated by customers.
  • Gift delivery services: There are several gift shops that are not capable of delivering their products. This is where the gift delivery service steps in. Taking up a number of such gift shops and delivering their orders can be really profitable and worthy during this season.
  • Christmas light services: Lighting is a crucial part of this festival. From decorating the tree to the backyard to the whole house, Christmas is a festival that bright up lives. Thus, lights are important and it includes its risk. This service is perfect for those with previous experience and knowledge of electrical works.
  • Catering and bartending service: If you are an expert in cooking and cooking for masses or is an expert in the delicate job of bartending, this is the perfect time to unleash your productivity and try starting your own catering. It is on-demand this time of the year and once it hits off, who knows maybe it can last till the end of time!
  • Event management: Since this is the festival of togetherness, people always expect the best of what they can get while being together. With the increasing member lists and the consequential demands of a party, it gets hard to manage things and enjoy at the same time. Therefore, people hire event managers who with their own resources decorate the place for a certain amount of time, providing everything in need and charge a lump sum. This not just saves resources and money but also prevents extra pollution and plastic waste.
  • Bakery: Cakes are the main attraction of this season. From gifting to having for oneself, cakes are so important that even tea stalls are found to be selling them. But often, the quality is of question. If you are a baker, then this is the perfect time to unveil your creativity and create magic. Bakeries function all over the year. The percentages of selling this time of the year thus, it is a great time, to begin with.
  • Weaving woollen garments: If you are into knitting and weaving then it is a great time to start selling some as winter is another word for bright colours and changing fashion. Having a handmade woollen garment is nevertheless on everyone’s wish list.

There are numerous possibilities to enrich one’s soul and work is one of them. Having a job or business isn’t just about money but it is also a way to explore one’s own creativity and test their potentials while making a change for the greater good. Growing a business is nothing but growing oneself.

The best idea for a small business lies in the process of exploring one’s quench for life. One should always get for something they feel for and should have the potential to achieve it. 

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