Can you Grow Your Instagram Account with the Correct Hashtag Strategy?

Hashtags are an outstanding way for you to reach out to potential customers on Instagram. The good news is they need very little effort and are free.

Can you grow Your Instagram account with the Correct Hashtag Strategy?

Hashtags are an outstanding way for you to reach out to potential customers on Instagram. The good news is they need very little effort and are free. When used correctly, they can direct you to potential customers looking for you already in your business niche.

Now, the most common questions that people face with hashtags are-

  1. How do you select them?
  2. How many hashtags should you use in a single post?
  3. Where should you place your hashtags on your Instagram post?

This guide will give you some powerful tips and tricks to improve your hashtag strategy and reach out to targeted audiences with success. So, read on till the end.

Number and Hashtag Placements

Recent surveys from Social Insider checked about 650,000 posts on Instagram to determine how hashtags affected their performances. They discovered that an Instagram post with about seven or even 30 hidden hashtags in the caption received the maximum engagement in total.

However, what they did discover alongside the above that the placement, number, and visibility of these hashtags for optimal performance differed as per the profile’s size. They later recommended the following based on their observations-

Source- Social Insider

Size of the Instagram profile

Hashtag Number


Under 5K


Hidden in the Instagram caption

5K to 10K


First comment

10K to 20K


Hidden in the Instagram caption

50K to 100K


Hidden in the caption



First comment

Hiding the hashtags in the caption

From the above table, you might wonder why anyone would hide their Instagram hashtags. Perhaps, you are not aware of the fact that hidden hashtags in the caption are effective for Instagram marketing.


Instagram places a limit on the text amount that can be displayed on your feed. It hides the rest of this text after the link that says “show more.” Your primary goal should be to get relevant hashtags for your business to appear after this link. Most business owners face the challenge when they keep their captions short and precise; how would they add this extra text to keep the hashtags hidden?

Can you grow Your Instagram account with the Correct Hashtag Strategy?The trick here is to include line breaks. This sounds easier said than done as Instagram wipes out any line breaks that have been added to the text directly in the editor of the caption.

The solution here is to type the Instagram caption in another text editor and later copy-paste the content. You can type in character, like an inconspicuous period, or even add asterisks before the line break followed by another character, add another line break until you get 5 lines at least. You can add the hashtags here and copy-paste the entire caption into the Instagram editor for captions.

Search for trending hashtags associated with your business brand

It would help if you searched for hashtag influencers for business brands in the same niche. Potential customers interested in these brands are using the same hashtags for their searches. So, when you make a list of these trending hashtags, you are likely to bring the same customers to your business brand. This is surely an outstanding way to reach out to people that are searching for you.

Here, when you type in the hashtag into the Instagram caption editor, it will automatically tell you the number of posts with the same hashtag. You can always use a credible generator tool or a hashtag finder to help you find out hashtags associated with the content you post.

In this way, you can also increase followers and get more likes, comments, and shares. You can also buy real likes, followers, and views from blastup if their number is less on your profile. To create positive first impressions online, you must have a decent number of followers, likes, and shares to invoke potential customers to follow you.

Look for hashtags before you use them in your posts

Make sure you look for the right hashtags before you use them in your posts. Take time to check the hashtags yourself and see the kind of Instagram content that comes up in the search. It might have worked for another business brand or a social media influencer; however, this does not mean it will work well for your business brand too.

Combine hashtags that are popular with hashtags with a smaller niche

Business owners often ponder on the following two questions-

  1. Should they use a popular hashtag with a wider reach with a higher level of competition or
  2. Should they use small niche hashtags with not so wide a reach?

The correct answer to these questions is both!

Trending and popular Instagram hashtags place your business brand on the map; however, many other Instagram accounts are offering the same brands as you like you. This is where you need to use location and niche-based hashtags to make you stand out in the competition.

Consultants in Instagram hashtag marketing recommend you should liberally use both kinds of hashtags in all of your posts.

Maintain a list of hashtags for your business

This will help you to save time and effort for the content you post on Instagram regularly. You do not have to reinvent hashtags for every post. You can compile a good list of relevant hashtags for your business brand. This means that whenever you post content on Instagram, you can take this list out and place the appropriate ones on the post. You can even mark the number of times you have used a particular hashtag for your content posts on Instagram.

Therefore, in this way, you can make prudent use of Instagram hashtags for every post and reach out to a wider customer base with success. The trick is to ensure that you use it smartly. Your business brand can promote user engagement, get better online visibility, and gain a competitive edge with the above simple hashtag strategy that works for all kinds of small to large scale business houses with success!

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