3 Reasons Why Your iPhone Suffers a Black Screen of Death

An iPhone is an exclusive mobile phone brand. The iPhone black screen is a standard error in your smartphone’s system that causes the phone itself to be unresponsive and unusable.


An iPhone is the exclusive mobile phone brand of the company giant, Apple, and it’s a known fact. Most people would prefer the iOS operating system compared to Android because it’s easy to use. You can store your information safely so that there will be fewer chances of thieves and hackers getting their hands on that essential information.

3 Reasons Why Your iPhone Suffers a Black Screen

However, it gets annoying when your phone blacks out randomly, and it is a problem that many would call the “black screen of death.” With this guide, we will give you some details about this issue. With that, here are the reasons why your iPhone suffers a black screen of death.

What’s a Black Screen Of Death?

The iPhone black screen is a standard error in your smartphone’s system that causes the phone itself to be unresponsive and unusable. The screen will suddenly get frozen and fizzles out afterward. It’s similar to switching off the phone, but it’s still unresponsive even if you tap the power button.

The crashing of a phone’s firmware is a typical problem for many iPhone users, and it’s just a minor issue. However, if the smartphone’s hardware problem is critical, it should be caused by water or physical harm. To know more about the cause of a black screen, you have to check it thoroughly. Doing the needed safety measures will ensure that your iPhone is fixed, and you won’t have to send it to a phone tech.

Reasons for an iPhone Black Screen

It’s a frustrating event when your mobile phone won’t turn on. When smartphones become a necessity for many people, especially with the implemented social distancing and the pandemic that’s going on, you have to make sure that your mobile phone is always available when there are news updates and other communication forms.

With that statement, there are a lot of factors why your iPhone randomly experiences a black screen. This uncommon issue is inconvenient for iPhone users, especially if their phone is working just fine. So here are the reasons why your iPhone experiences a black screen.

Charging Port

Some factors, like dust and moisture, might block the smartphone’s charging port. The same goes for the battery; you need to make sure that the port is clean and dry all the time. With that said, the lightning cable should be correctly connected to your phone’s battery through its dedicated port.


Of course, when your iPhone is new, it also means that the batteries are new too. However, because of over-usage, the phone might be frequently exposed to water and dirt. Water is capable of entering your phone and reaching the battery that’s safely placed inside the phone. Dirt can also inflict damage because it might block some circuits and cause an error in the battery’s connection. For the used iPhones, the black screen is the indicator that you have to replace the battery.

The iPhone Charger

It’s highly suggested to use the iPhone’s original lightning cable and charger from the package when you buy an iPhone. With that statement, the original iPhone charger gives compatibility to the phone for connectivity, charging capacity, and design. When you try to use an incompatible or unofficial charger, there’s a big chance that the iPhone will suffer the black screen of death.


If there’s a thing that you need to learn, it’s how to take care of your iPhone to avoid a black screen. Use this article to know what are those causes and how you can prevent them.

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