Choosing the Right Name Can Attract Customers, Increase Brand Awareness


In business, the first impression for a customer is your company’s name. It represents a brand, a product, a philosophy, and often an online location for your business on the internet for customers to find.

That is why it is so important to think carefully about how your business will be represented online and how a name can attract customers. Services like Namify, a Free Business Name Generator, can help simplify that important task that starts with brainstorming ideas that align with your goals. It’s not necessarily the first idea you had that is your best business name, but one you have carefully tested on a site like Namify.

The right business names for online commerce can attract customers, elevate brand awareness and give a new business a greater sense of credibility in the expansive e-commerce marketplace, according to business experts at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Brand awareness

How do you increase brand awareness?

There are some helpful clues to choosing the perfect name for your business. Namify recommends thinking of a business name that would appeal to your target audience while also capturing the essence of your brand in the process. The website offers an easy business name generator tool that helps narrow down choices for that ideal name for your company. After you add a few keywords that represent your business or service, the Namify generator tool provides a list of business name ideas based on the industry terms that serve your business concept best. It is also a great place to test your ideas for business names.

That’s a crucial first step in selecting the perfect business name that will be used in your domain address on the internet so that customers and partners can find you. The rules are different today for naming companies thanks to the exponential growth in online businesses and the use of smartphones with smaller screens by consumers.

What makes a Brand Attractive?

The best online business names offer unique URLs that are easy to remember and build on the company’s name and brand. The domain names are short, according to the Wharton business school, with less than eight characters as a way to accommodate the emerging use of technology to search for a business on those smaller screens. It’s likely you can increase traffic to the business site online if the domain name also includes a number and doesn’t include a hyphen.

A service like Namify knows it is more than just picking the name of the business. It is also about making sure the domain name is available for you to use, with Namify taking advantage of new domain extensions that can help guarantee you can lock down the best name for your business. The company also ensures you don’t breach any copyrights with your new name and makes it easy to register the name quickly once you have chosen the right one.

Simplicity is a key rule when thinking about how to name your business. It’s important to make that name easy to say, spell and hear, according to Forbes magazine. That’s another way Namify can help in the process. You will need plenty of options to narrow down your final choice.

Make the name you give your business that first, the most important decision you will make as an e-commerce company owner.

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