A Complete Guide on How to Disable Bixby Button on Samsung Phones


We all know that Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa, but did you know Samsung also has its very own virtual assistant? If not, then now you know. Bixby is Samsung’s dearest assistant, and Samsung users are very grateful for Bixby’s help.

From setting automatic alarms, calling a friend, or finding a location, Bixby has been there. Bixby offers tons of functionalities that have been very helpful for Samsung smartphones. However, there are features that Bixby provides that can be pretty annoying for the users.

Instead of being convenient, Bixby can be a little too much. If you are a Samsung user and want to disable Bixby on your Samsung devices and smartphones, it will help you how to do it. When you feel annoyed about Bixby and wish to disable it on your phone, you don’t have to worry because you can disable it anytime you want.

Why do people use Bixby?

Before we get on how to disable Bixby, you might wonder, why do Samsung users use Bixby? Like Siri and Alexa, Bixby is also a smart voice assistant that you can use to interact with your smartphone. You can interact with Bixby through your voice or type in common on your phone. It has a comprehensive set of controls and features that can do all tasks that you require Bixby to do.

If you program Bixby with voice command, you can use a single voice or word as a command, and Bixby will do the trick for you. If you are doing your regular exercise, such as running or jogging, Bixby will immediately turn on your running tracker and play music. You can add as many voice commands as you like on Bixby’s Quick Commands.

Moreover, if you connect your Samsung smartphone to SmartThings, you will be able to compare all your Samsung devices with Bixby’s help. If you want to change a channel from your Samsung smart TV, you can do so with just one voice command. Bixby can also turn off the lights for you with no hassle!

How to Disable Bixby Button

If you don’t think Bixby is anywhere helpful to you, you can always disable the Bixby button on your devices. There might be times when the Bixby button gets too annoying whenever you try to unlock and lock your phone or try to adjust the volume.

When disabling Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 10, first, you need to swipe down on the screen and go to the notifications menu. Next, you have to click on the power icon, which is located on the top-right section of the notifications screen.

When you go to the power menu, look for the words “Side Key” settings, and then click it. You can adjust your Bixby settings from there. If you want to wake Bixby up, click the “Double Press” option, and you will be able to see no other option rather than “Open Bixby.” However, when you see the “Press and hold” option, you can click on that and select Power off instead of clicking Wake Bixby.

Once you have done that, Bixby will no longer be there to be of your help. You can try if the disabling worked if you decide to double press the power button. If Bixby does not show up, then it is already disabled.

As for older Samsung models, you can go to your smartphone’s settings and click Advanced Features. Next, you can see Bixby there and open it. Click on the menu, and once you know the gear icon, click on it as well. Tap on Bixby Key and then disable the command that says Double Press to Open Bixby.


While Bixby has all the great features and accessible commands that Samsung users can use, the assistant is not for everybody. Disabling Bixby is optional, and if you realize one day that you need Bixby’s help, you can always enable it back on your Samsung devices.

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