Did You Know . . . CBD Oil Tinctures

Cannabidiol tinctures are a novice person’s ideal method for consumption of the compound. These are convenient and noted to be among the most potent of administration techniques.


Cannabidiol tinctures are a novice person’s ideal method for the consumption of the compound. These are convenient and noted to be among the most potent of administration techniques. The benefit with tinctures is they provide the user with discretion. 

They are user-friendly, and the reaction time is almost immediate. You can either have a tincture using alcohol and water to extract the cannabinoid or there are oil-based tinctures using substances like MCT oil and other solvents for extraction. Claims suggest alcohol is the preference because of its extraction efficacy.

A Few Things You Might Not Know About CBD Oil Tinctures

The indication is that CBD tinctures are easily manufactured using either alcohol or another solvent in combination with an oil base, and they are simple to administer for users. They’re ideal for a person new to the products who want to ‘sample’ before they commit because you can apply small doses easily. Click to read about CBD tinctures potential for reducing inflammation.

  • Storage: It’s important to determine an appropriate location where you keep your cannabidiol so it remains potent and effective. You want to get the most from the items that you invest in. Ensure that you store your products in a dry, dark, and cool area for an extended lifespan.
  •  Extraction: Tinctures can be made using alcohol for the extraction process or another process in addition to oil as the base. Alcohol is the favoured….. method due to the fact the process has the capacity to separate a significant number of cannabinoids from the plant material.
  • Testing: Recommendations advise searching for high quality products with reputable, trustworthy online sites like Cheefbotanicals. You should always ensure that these items are lab tested outside the manufacturer’s facilities to ensure safety. Testing confirms there are no contaminants or additives with the substances. The dropper bottles should indicate the content of cannabinoids and recommendations for dose.
  • Flower: It’s suggested to avoid plant “trim” and stick with whole-plant extracts in order to achieve what is known as the “entourage effect.” These extracts offer significantly more cannabinoids and terpenes working in synergy to enhance the therapeutic benefits.
  • Administration: For people who suffer from gastrointestinal issues, ingestion such as with edibles is challenging. Using a tincture offers a less invasive alternative because they merely go under the tongue for a few minutes and are left to absorb into the system. 

The recommendation for a moderate dosage is up to three drops. The indication is the effects should kick in as soon as 15 minutes. The CBD is released directly in the bloodstream and brain receptors.

  • Taste: The taste is a little less than desired for many people. Masking the flavour by incorporating it into some water with perhaps honey to taste, some juice, or a cup of warm water to have some instant tea, can help. You can also put it in foods such as dressings for salads, soups, or sauces.

Other than diluting it in a beverage, if you place it under your tongue, you should avoid beverages or food up to 15 minutes from the time of administration in order to achieve the best results. Sublingually, however, does note to be the most effective method for consumption.

  • Infant: The best administration method for babies is for mom to take the CBD tinctures because the therapeutic compounds will transfer in the breast milk for the infant.
  • Do not touch: When you use the dropper bottle, you should never touch the dropper with your hands, put it to your mouth, or place it on an unsterile surface. It is vital to ensure that the mouth is always clean to prevent contamination and impurities in the batch.

Final Thought

The tincture’s natural flavour can be a bit of an acquired taste, to say the least. It notes to be rather bitter and distinct making it helpful if you shake the glass bottle prior to administration to mix the contents with each dose. 

Ideally, you want to take the substance in drops under the tongue for its potency, and quick release. Doing it this way should not be too offensive with you holding it in your mouth for merely a minute. The therapeutic benefits of the CBD oil can potentially outweigh the “nastiness” of the taste.

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