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Download Brave Browser: Brave browser is a free open-source browser that’s turning into more and more popular, primarily as a result of its faster and it provides higher privacy than different browsers.

Download Brave Browser

What makes the Brave Browser different?

  • Faster browsing

Apart from avoiding the annoyance of intrusive ads and rising your privacy, another advantage of block ads and trackers is that the browser doesn’t need to download a lot of stuff, therefore it will serve web content faster.

Brave claims to load pages 2x quicker than alternative browsers out of the box with nothing to put in, learn or manage, that 2x speed improvement being for desktop devices and reaching up to 8x within the case of mobile.

  • Flexible and user-friendly

The Brave browser is based on the open-source chromium, so from the user point of view, it’s not so completely different from alternative browsers (except, of course, for its unique features). And currently even supports most of the available Chrome extensions.

Brave offers a pleasant and intuitive user interface with an awfully simple to use tab system for settings, bookmarks, help, etc. It additionally displays statistics regarding the content blocked by the browser over time.

  • Privacy and Security

The first factor that makes the Brave browser stand out from the rest is that it comes with built-in shields to block website trackers and take away intrusive web advertisements. This browser additionally upgrades to HTTPS whenever possible to provide secure, encrypted communications once a normal browser would use an insecure connection.

But with Brave you’ve got control over these shields, you’ll be able to customize their settings on a per-site or browser-wide basis.

And you’ll be able to additionally see how many ads and trackers are being blocked by Brave daily.

So with Brave, you’ll be able to browse with confidence with default settings that block phishing, malware, and malvertising. However just in case, you would like it, you’ll continuously have the freedom to make a decision whether or not to change the settings and to deactivate any of the shields.

Brave’s massive advantage – Block ads and Trackers?

Unlike other browsers that block ads – whether natively like Epic, or once equipped with an ad-blocking add-on – Brave envisions a replacement ad scheme for the ads and trackers it wipes off websites.

While that scheme isn’t however complete, its framework has been described by Brave software system, and also the company has created progress in implementing it.

Brave Browser

Brave will scrub sites of ads and ad tracking, then replace those ads with its own ad, which cannot be targeted however instead aimed at an anonymous mixture of the browser’s user base. Brave has said it went that route instead of an easier all-ad-elimination model because, whereas few users relish ads, several realize that without them, the business web as it currently exists would be nigh, not possible. That’s why claimed Brave, it will not only do an advertisement swap – its advertisements for those originally displayed by a website – however, produce a monetary system that ultimately will compensate those same websites.

Who is behind the Brave Browser?

Behind Brave is Brendan Eich, the creator of the JavaScript language and co-founder of the Mozilla project. He is the CEO of Brave Software, Inc., that was co-founded by him and by the company CTO, Brian Bondy.

Brave Rewards System

Apart from all those privacy and security features we´ve seen, what makes the Brave browser really unique is its rewards system, supported their ‘Basic Attention Token’ (BAT), an open-source, localized platform supported Ethereum.

Brave works on a BAT reward system which may be used to reward folks at both sides of the browsing experience:

  • Users will reward content creators, either by manually causation them tips to support their work or by configuring Brave to automatically distribute their contributions supported how much time they spend on sites.
  • Users also can be rewarded with bats, as an example for browsing the web just in case, they decide to view ads, that are presented individually from the online content and keep personal details private and anonymous. In alternative words, users will be got viewing ads, and not exactly a small part, since users receive 70th of the ad revenue.

Content creators will check in to become a verified content creator on Brave Rewards in order to begin collecting contributions. That method they will get paid directly by their audience for his or her content, rather than wishing on alternative income sources like ad revenue.

What is BAT (Basic Attention Token)?

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an open-source, localized ad exchange platform supported the block chain-based computing platform Ethereum. The aim of this attention token is to let Brave users tip websites and content creators to compensate publishers in place of ads. Brave additionally uses BAT to reward users for opting into its own ads in place of the ads it blocks.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Brave and its creators recognize that ads are an integral part of the web, however, don’t need to be obtrusive. Using BAT as how to incentivize net users to look at ads, will build the user-experience far better. Instead of creating their ads additional objectionable, which might lead individuals to use ad blockers, websites will merely obtain people’s attention.

If users would rather not see ads on a given website, they will use “micro-payments” to those sites. As a result, the sites can still receive “ad revenue” from these users, without having to show ads.

Download Brave Browser

Brave can be downloaded from this page of Brave Software’s website.

The page ought to automatically recognize the device’s software and provide a suitable version. If it does not, choose from the choices at the bottom of the page: Windows x86 or Windows x64, Windows 7 or later; macOS 10.9 or later; or Linux x64 for Debian, Fedora, Ming, openSUSE, and Ubuntu.

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