Top 5 Tools To Help With Dissertation


Top 5 Tools To Help With Dissertation: Different learning institutions and universities have varied requirements for dissertations. Nonetheless, students can access the same tools to help them write their dissertation papers.

The student is allowed to use all the resources they can get to complete their paper. But still, writing a dissertation can be challenging. If you are stuck with your dissertation chapters, our expert can offer you professional help whenever you need it.

Aside from seeking assistance from professionals, you can also leverage online tools that help you check the quality of your paper. You need to ensure that you come up with an original copy that meets your institution’s requirements in full. Since college students need to complete a dissertation paper before they graduate, it is crucial that the paper is done meticulously.

Top 5 Tools To Help With Dissertation


That is a must-have for all students writing their papers. Grammarly is a spellchecker that highlights all spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes. It also helps with vocabulary enhancement by providing alternative words you can use.

With Grammarly, you can run a check to confirm that your paper has not plagiarized any sources. Each dissertation paper should be unique and original. This tool takes care of all minor mistakes that you’d otherwise miss.

Google Scholar

The second tool you’ll need is Google Scholar. That is a database that provides you with research material you need to write your dissertation. You get to use as many articles as you need and reference them to the right source.

The database allows you to search for articles that are relevant to your paper. The platform even offers different formats for referencing your sources. That ensures that you cite your sources as per your institution’s requirements.

Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarizing sources is a common mistake among students. That is because the internet gives easy access to information, and some might forget about accountability. Small SEO tools plagiarism checker helps you remain accountable. It ensures your paper is original, and you can easily use the highlighted areas to know what sources need to be cited.

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Submitting a dissertation paper that’s not original can have you penalized when it could have been easily avoided. When your tutor notices plagiarism in your paper, it won’t matter how good the paper was written. You lose credibility as a student and the possibility of getting good grades. In some institutions, you can even be required to redo the whole paper.


Many students forget to use their dictionaries to confirm term definitions when writing dissertation papers. The dictionary can also help with sentence structures you are unsure about, therefore, be sure to use it.

Confirming how to spell words correctly and finding out the meaning of new words ensures you use them in the right context. On the other hand, using a single word incorrectly can mess up the meaning of an entire paragraph. When writing your academic paper, you need to ensure that every detail therein is accurate.


Organization is the key to writing a well presented academic paper. Thus, Mendeley will help you organize the references and all the notes included in your paper. You need to ensure that your professor has an easy time going through your dissertation. The organization process can be challenging, especially for dissertations, because they have many pages. And this tool ensures you don’t feel overwhelmed by your workload.

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Writing academic papers can be quite challenging, but the online tools mentioned above can help you get it right. As a result, you get to check your paper for plagiarism and spelling errors without having to go through the entire paper on your own.

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