Fashion That Ticks: 6 Reasons on How a Timepiece Influences A Person


In today’s society, individuals are frequently perceived by what they get and how they present themselves, contributing to the concept we are what we have or buy. The stuff people gain helps them to determine their place in general society. That is one reason marketers work hard and spend a lot of time creating brand personalities.

Watches play a significant role in people’s lives, whether for practical sense, fashion sense, or the simple fact that it is almost a habit to place a watch on our wrist, to the point we do not feel complete without it. With that, here are some reasons how a timepiece significantly influences an individual.

Transmits Many Feelings to its User

Using a watch as an accessory seems to be the only cause of why the timepiece has not turned obsolete in modern society and has earned a notable influence. Many designer brands like Michael Kors and others have created a watch that offers aesthetic values that compliment any outfit in any event. 

Watch wearers often experience many types of impact when wearing a watch, such as having the feeling of:

  • Safety
  • Attachment
  • Amazement
  • Maturity
  • Independence
  • Similarity
  • Completeness

The impacts mentioned above enunciate the timepiece is an accessory that possesses the power to be an essential aspect of an individual’s personas and makes them feel completely different when wearing one. 

Predicts Characteristics and Punctuality

You can identify a person’s individuality and other related behavior according to their hands, facial features, gestures, and clothes. Now even your timepiece can tell about your distinct characteristics. For selecting an essential watch, people consider their options meticulously. 

For that reason, it serves as a relevant source of information about that person’s personality. For example, in a job interview, a watch would be an efficient guide in strengthening a person’s first impression as it reflects how you professionally deliver yourself.  

Usually, watch wearers from a wide range of backgrounds draw out a higher level of extensive conscientiousness. They typically act in a higher level of conscientiousness by being diligent and punctual in showing up at a scheduled meeting earlier than non-watch wearers.

Reflects Style

It is a common rule that watches are known as a statement or a reflection of an individual’s style. You may encounter people who use sports watches, dive watches, vintage watches, and so on. That is because their choice of design is, an extension of their statement piece. 

However, fine jewellery can also be limited. That is why the existence of wristwatches helps you demonstrate your distinct character and convey your overall self. Putting on a timepiece is a structure of self-expression. Examining people who enjoy wearing one will give you an idea of how powerful they exhibit their personality and style. 

Stands Out from the Crowd

A watch can straightaway enhance your style, which makes you stand out from the rest of the masses. Most consumers undervalue the enormous handiwork that comes out from making a high-quality and even into several inexpensive timepieces. A watch is not just a watch. It is a fragment of art, which is one of the important reasons to wear one. 

A well-crafted timepiece is an excellent confidence booster that will make you look confident and boost your ego. There is just something about putting one that keeps an incredible amount of importance. On the same page, investing in an exquisite watch makes you appreciate the art and history encased in a timepiece.

Great Conversation Starter

Wherever you are, in an event, in a meeting, grocery store, or private parties, people will always try to gain side conversations. Of course, chatters will come naturally, but still, watches are the ultimate conversation opener. When blending in a new and unknown crowd, there is nothing better than beginning a dialogue by praising someone’s showpiece. 

With that, it opens the opportunity of learning more about that specific person’s style and personality. Before you know it, you could have established a strong relationship with someone like a friend for life. Because after all, you have both got identical interests. 

You can discuss plenty of themes, including the craftsmanship, the story, and unique details about the watch. Sometimes people are eager to learn more about timepieces, and while thoroughly enjoying the endless conversation, it opens new opportunities and helps you feel confident day-in and day-out. 

Improves Productivity

In today’s business world, remote work is on the rise which safe to state that it is essential to wear a watch that complements your outfit during a business meeting online to impact your productivity and confidence. Other than that, a timepiece is a primary way to tell time, unless you use a smartphone to track the time. 

Using a wristwatch than a smartphone expands your concentration as it eliminates temptation. When you glance at your phone to check the time, you might view other apps that take away the time you could have used working. Placing a watch makes you focus on duties and speed up your work progress. 

You will never know when your employer will check in on everyone in the virtual discussion. You will never miss business-related notifications and reminders with a wristwatch, as it keeps you organized and focused. 


Wearing a watch has a significant number of benefits, and it affects not only your appearance, but it also affects your credibility and yourself. But the topmost advantage of wearing one would be to help develop a habit of being time-conscious and aware and being time-aware aids in pacing yourself and being more organized in planning the rest of the day.

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