FlexClip Review: The Best Online Video Editor for Beginners

FlexClip Review: Best Online Video Editor for Beginners: The quantity of films we produce today is enormous, and this has also led to the creation of many...


FlexClip Review Best Online Video Editor for Beginners: The quantity of films we produce today is enormous, and this has also led to the creation of many programs for making videos. Between smartphones, Action cameras, dashcam and drones, today more than ever we have hours and hours of raw videos that are just waiting to be fixed.

FlexClip Review

Besides, not everyone has the ability to know how to optimally use assembly programs or have an editor at our disposal. Here is the solution: an online tool that in just a few minutes, creates the video you need in a simple and intuitive way.

FlexClip is an online editor that allows you to combine photos and videos to create a unique movie, video, or slideshow.

FlexClip Free Online Video Editor

The first thing: sign up for the site

FlexClip offers a very effective free service with many possibilities for modification. Registration is mandatory and from this you can access a library of images, videos and music in the public domain.

FlexClip Free Online Video Editor

FlexClip Review

The second thing: add material, text, music, and logo to customize your video.

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FlexClip Best Online Video Editor

FlexClip provides rich video templates so that you can easily and quickly adjust a template to your liking. If you prefer, you can also start a new story from scratch.

  • Media library

FlexClip provides millions of high-resolution pictures, royalty-free video clips, and background music for you. You can, in any case, easily replace the elements of templates by loading them in the library bar. What’s more, all these resources are searchable.

  • Text

FlexClip allows you to click the “T” icon to add text, so that readers will quickly understand your video content. You can insert some simple yet special text animations by simply double-clicking on any of the text and setting the text properties to your liking. Each textbox can contain up to 140 characters, so as not to excessively tire out who will see the video.

  • Music

Once the text and images have been well arranged, you can insert the music by clicking on the ” music ” button and selecting the soundtrack that best fits your video. You can search through the many kinds of music featured on the site by searching through the mood that best fits the video you are creating. You can listen to a small preview of the song by clicking on the right side of the title the play sign.

  • Logo

If you want to protect the copyright of your videos, you can upload your logo as a video closure. By clicking in the logo section, on the top left of the panel, you can upload both images for the watermark that will appear in each slide and the closing logo of the video.

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Best Online Video Editor for Beginners

The third thing: preview and export the video

By clicking on the preview button, you will be able to see a preview and still make some changes. If you are satisfied with the final effect, you can click the “export video” button to download videos in different resolutions, including 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

FlexClip Review

FlexClip Best Online Video Editor: Anyway, this tool is well structured from a graphics point of view and very intuitive in order to easily guide even the less experienced users. The only downside of the free phase is that the videos will have a FlexClip logo at the end of the video. If the fact of the logo doesn’t satisfy you, you have no choice but to switch to the premium version.

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