Get Prepared for the Next Fashion Week with These Four Tips

Get Prepared for the Next Fashion Week with These Four Tips

Fashion week is a fun, exciting time for fashion lovers. You don’t need to be invited to the big shows to enjoy it, either. There are so many fun and thrilling events that are put on during fashion week, even in small cities, that you are guaranteed to have a great time. To make the most out of the next fashion week near you, use these four tips:

1. Follow the News

Follow official news from your city’s fashion week, as well as all your favorite designers. Not every city will have a bit of fashion week, but almost every capital or major city will, so you don’t have to travel too far if your hometown is lacking in fashion events.

Another reason to follow the news is that there are a limited number of tickets available to the public. The biggest shows are typically invite-only, yes, but there are a variety of showcases and other fashion events that you can book a ticket to. You need to hurry and snap up those tickets before they sell out.

Tip: unofficial fashion week events also happen and are great fun to go to! Use event apps or the event page on social sites like Facebook to find what’s on near you.

2. Prepare Your Outfits

Fashion and street photographers dot the streets during fashion week, eager to snap up a pic of someone’s excellent street style. If you are attending fashion week events, you might get some camera action, so it’s a must that you are rocking your outfit.

Prepare what you want to wear the week or so before so that you can get it cleaned, ironed, and ready to wear. You’ll even have time to try out really fun and exciting combinations that will help you get noticed.

3. Have that Have a Go-Bag Ready

There are fashion week parties, launch parties, and so much more to enjoy during fashion week. Even with all the prep you’ve done so far you won’t be able to prepare for everything there is to do, so having a purse that has everything that you need is a must. This doesn’t just mean your phone and wallet. If you need glasses, for example, having a backup pair of Precision One on-the-go lenses can help prepare you for any situation. If you are going out to a party, for example, one-day lenses can help you look your best but more importantly, are easy to take out when you get home late (or not go home at all).

4. Get a Blogging App on Your Phone

Keeping track of all that you are doing is great, but don’t just rely on social media. There are blogging apps that make it easy to write up quick updates and more to keep your followers in the know.

On top of blog posts, you’ll also want to take extra pictures and videos. These can be used for vlogs, TikToks, and more later on. For photos and videos try to get two of each – one in landscape, and one in portrait, so you have all the options you need to document your Fashion Week experience.

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