A Guide to Elevate Your Style in 2021


Style is not all about following clothing trends, but about making sure that your fashion choices suit you and your personality. If you are starting to feel frumpy and unfashionable in 2021, here are some of the top steps that you can take to elevate your style without making any drastic changes.

Choose a Scent

Your style is not only about your clothing, but about the beauty products and accessories that you choose to wear with it. The right scent can instantly elevate your style no matter what you are wearing and can ensure that you exude the fashionable image that you are looking to create. Choosing the right scent can be difficult, but a perfume subscription from scentmagic.com can ensure that you find a fragrance that works well for you and that you always have it to hand.

Smarten Your Footwear

Although you might be focusing on the top half of your body, your footwear can be the difference between a fashion success and a flop. This is especially important when it comes to summer shoes. While flip flops, Crocs, and socks and sandals might be a great option for dashing out into the garden or lounging about the house, when you are out and about, you should consider swapping these for wedge sandals or ballet pumps. You should also be aware that Ugg boots are not the right option for every occasion during the winter, and that leather alternatives can add an edge of elegance to your cold-weather outfits.

Wear a Belt

Belts were once a fashion staple, and yet these days many people only wear them as a functional way to hold up their jeans. However, a belt can help to add definition to your outfit, while also flattering your body shape. As well as using a belt for your trousers, you should also consider using them as a trendy accessory to accentuate your waistline when you are wearing dresses and skirts.

Make a Statement

You need to make sure that you can make a statement with whatever you wear. However, this does not mean that you need to go all out on bold prints or patterns. Instead, simply creating a cultivated and put-together look will get everyone talking. This is easy to achieve using a reasonably minimalistic approach.

Wear it Right

The easiest way that you can elevate your style though is to research the best ways to wear whatever clothes you already have in your wardrobe. For instance, you might consider tucking a shirt into your trousers or skirt rather than let it hang loose, or finding the perfect layers to make it look like you know exactly what you are doing.

Avoid Brands

You might think that you have to buy from the big brands if you want to be fashionable. However, if you look at the outfits of celebrities, although they might have gone shopping at some of the most expensive stores in the country, you will not see a brand name or slogan in sight. Therefore, you should try to keep your clothes free from graphic logos and other details that could take away from the sophistication of your outfit.

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