Here’s What You Should Consider Before Buying Health Insurance with Pregnancy Cover Plan


Healthcare costs related to childbirth and pregnancy has become entirely exorbitant. Hospitalization charge which is suffered in the course of gestation and childbirth are consuming a great amount of money. Undoubtedly, pregnancy is the best and the most fascinating experience of a mother’s life, but the cost of healthcare can be immense. Hence you must avail of the health insurance with pregnancy cover first.

The need for a policy:

If you are planning to have kids or pregnant at present, at this moment you should not take any kind of financial stress. You just need to do healthcare insurance by which you can spend your gestation period untroubled. All the parents who are expecting babies would be celebrating the gestation period with a healthcare insurance policy. When a woman is pregnant, her foremost focus should be the health of her baby. You must not sacrifice the happiness of becoming parents by taking too much stress of healthcare expenses. You should buy a healthcare insurance policy with maternity cover.

Expenses of a normal delivery in India would be charged Rs. 50000 to Rs. 60000 and expenses of a caesarean section would be charged Rs. 200000 Rs. 250000 by reputed hospitals. Couples must take maternity insurance cover as the expenses are increasing day by day.Everything that we do requires planning and therefore pregnancy also requires planning, couples would need to plan the healthcare costs and they also need to prepare themselves physically and emotionally.Making allowance for the medical costs, maternity expenses are getting high day by day. Instead of leaving things on the future, it is better to plan today for your child’s healthcare insurance.

The plans:

Note that all the plans of maternity insurance come along with an obligatory waiting period of 2 to 3 years before you are permitted to file a medical claim. Furthermore, if you are pregnant earlier on then you can’t acquire medical insurance coverage.

Couples should buy maternity healthcare insurance before conception. Making allowance for all the scenarios it is advised that you get the maternity cover before 2 to 3 years of pregnancy.

Benefits of buying maternity healthcare insurance are:

Compensation of medical expenses incurred before 30 days of hospitalization when you are buying maternity cover or pregnancy cover.Doctor’s fees, nursing fees, and room charges of the hospital are covered and it provides ambulance cover too.Coverage starts from day 1 of pregnancy to 2 to 3 months after the birth of the child.

Plans that provide maximum coverage are:

Some of the leading brands offer variety of plans. Such a plan provides a compensation limit of INR 15000 for normal delivery and INR 25000 for termination and also covers expenses of new-born babies induced within 90 days.

Another important point is coverage. In some cases, the coverage starts immediately say if you buy a plan today it must offer maternity cover after 9 months of the policy commencement. While in some cases if you buy it know it may offer the coverage may begin after some years.

If you have started your family planning or getting pregnant soon then buying a maternity plan is highly recommendable. And if you belong to a middle-class family then you must buy a maternity plan.

How to select the best plan?

The selection of an insurance plan needs to be done after thorough research. A little carelessness or ignorance may prove much costly. One needs to check the details offered by the company, or its representative or executive or agent well before signing the papers. Many times, the company is genuine but the concerned salesperson may have a vested interest in a plan and hence he may offer some baseless information also. One needs to know the coverage, premium, sum assured, and process to settle the claim before going ahead with the concerned policy. He must ask for a quote from the concerned person and the same must be availed from another service provider also. To have a fair idea about various policies one must compare the quotes and check the facts. This can help him go for the best policy. If one cannot go for such research, he can also follow the experts on the internet who can help him get the right policy as per his requirements.

Care insurance is doubtlessly a need of time, and one must have it but at the same time, one needs to know that he should have desired benefits and services from the company at the moment he needs them. If there is a company that rejects claims for almost no reason it is better to go for such a company with a higher premium as one may get the required service. Getting the right insurance policy is not a big deal but one has to check various policies first.

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