Indoor Games that are a Great Way to Connect with Your Roommates


When you first move into a hostel or PG for girls in Delhi, you have a lot to get used to. You’ve left behind your parents, your childhood bedroom and your school friends. And instead, you now have this small space in which to fit your entire life. And you have roommates. People from different parts of the country who’ve come to Delhi to achieve their dreams, just like you. These people that you live with could end up becoming some of the most influential people in their fields, talented professionals, and even some of your closest friends.

So, if you’re looking for a way to break the ice and get to know your roommates, skip the initial awkwardness and invite them to play one of these indoor games. It’ll be a great bonding experience and a way for you to get to know each other without feeling too much social pressure. Sounds ideal? Keep reading.


This classic card game is a great ice breaker for the early days of getting to know your roommates. It’s fun, suitable for anywhere between two and ten players (so you can get everyone on your floor involved), and with just enough scope for trickery that you’ll never get bored. Plus, you can learn a lot about your roommate by the Uno rules they invent and how many Draw-Four cards they try to hit you with. Just don’t forget to shout ‘Uno’ when you’re down to your last card.

Heads Up

If you’re living in a dorm with many roommates and didn’t bring any board games with you, this popular app can come to the rescue. All you need to do is to hold your phone over your head and try to guess the word on the screen as your roommates explain the clue. This game will get your energy going and you can even play it as a team against the people who live in the next room. Plus, you have plenty of categories of words to choose from so you’ll get an insight into your roommates’ interests as well.

Cards Against Humanity

There are classic board games, then there is Cards Against Humanity. This game will let you push your sense of humor to its limit and can lead to several inside jokes between you and your roommates. The deck is divided into black question cards and white answer ones. In each round, the Card Czar will hold up a black card and each player will provide one white card (from their hand of ten) that answers the question in the funniest way. Points are awarded according to the Czar’s preferences. You can easily take turns handing out questions and enjoy a lot of light-hearted banter without keeping score too.


If you’ve spent some time getting to know your roommates and you’re pretty confident in your bond, put it to a test with a game of charades, or even put your artistic skills to the test with some Pictionary. This game, especially if you’re playing in teams, will definitely prove who has the strongest bond with their roommates and can correctly predict their actions. And even if you don’t end up guessing correctly, you’re sure to have an evening of fun and laughter that will lift your spirits and bring you closer together.

Table Tennis

If you and your roommate prefer games that are more active, it’s time to try something like table tennis, foosball, or pool. Of course, you’ll need to have access to the required equipment in order to enjoy games like these. If you’re living in a Stanza Living residence, you’ve got this sorted since they have an entertainment zone with indoor games. This is a great way to hone your reflexes and get in some friendly competition with your roommate. And when you’re tired after a tough game, you can always relax together in front of the TV in the common area or take advantage of the high-speed Wi-Fi to have a Netflix binge. That’ll definitely take your bonding to the next level.

With these indoor games, you’ll be breaking the ice with your new roommates in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Get your gang together and start playing.

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