How Advanced are Online Slots in 2020?

The use of virtual reality in gaming is not new. This mind-blowing technology is slowly gaining popularity in the world.


Online video slots never appear to take a break from the ever-changing technological disruptions. If they are not improving sound effects and graphics, they are being built for mobile gaming. Classic slots that had dated features have been redesigned to suit the modern-day gamer.

In all fairness, online slots ability to embrace changes in technology is the main reason they are so successful. The traditional one-armed bandithas undergone many modifications in that some can’t help but envision what changes to expect for slots in 2020. Let us look at some trends and possible advancements in online slots.

Virtual Reality

The use of virtual reality in gaming is not new. This mind-blowing technology is slowly gaining popularity in the world of online slots. Virtual reality gives slot players a life-like simulation that makes them feel as if they are playing in a real-world casino.

The technology has already been tested on games like Jack and the Beanstalk and it is expected that before the close of 2020 more virtual reality slots will have been created.

You will need virtual reality headsets to be able to play games that incorporate the features of VR. You will also need a very powerful computer that can seamlessly render the games since they will do so in real-time.

Through VR, you will enjoy a lifelike, interactive online casino experience and interact with other games.In a VR world, you have the power to move within a computer environment, as you do in the real world, making the experience quite breathtaking.

Innovative Slots

Experienced casino players can recall how simple classic slots were. They had simple graphics and almost no in-game features. Today’s games are a lot more advanced and innovative. They feature reels that can be modified, features to prove they are fair and elements of skill.

You can learn where to play some of these online slots at But before you pick a game, ensure it has the innovative features you’re after. Choose slots with high Return to Player (RTP) rates. And also look out for multiplayers and free spins.

That said, you can also anticipate the development of more multiple progressives. Currently, very few online slots have multiple progressive jackpots. In 2020, you can look forward to more progressive jackpot slots with even more captivating graphics, features and innovative animations.

Cryptocurrency Slots

In 2019, casinos started accepting payments through cryptos. By the close of 2020, you can expect that more and more online casinos will start accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcash, Ethereum and other blockchains, but you can expect it to move further than this.With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency online casinos, more sites are expected to adopt them as one of the main modes of payment.

Bonuses may also be tied to them in that players may be required to deposit funds using a cryptocurrency to be eligible for online slots promotions like free spins and cash. This will make deposits and withdrawals faster and more convenient since the transactions via cryptos are carried out in minutes.

Besides, players appreciate faster payouts and the introduction of cryptos will have come in handy for many.

The benefits of playing online slots using cryptocurrencies are numerous including privacy and faster transactions. It’s not only gamers who will benefit from cryptocurrency slots. Online casinos also have a lot to gain.

Money loss on their side will be minimal. Unlike credit cards where players can file chargeback fraud, this is not possible with cryptos. The default principle with cryptos is that if you make a deposit, you paid for it. You can’t initiate a chargeback.

Touch and Play Options on Mobile Devices
If the founder of slots, Charles August came back to life in 2020, he would be wonderstruck at how developed his idea has become. Initial machines in San Francisco were reliant on mechanical features to spin the reels.

Today, you can play a slot on your mobile device conveniently. You don’t have to insert coins or push manual buttons to get the game into action. Everything is digitally executed at the touch of specific icons. Casinos are also working to improve mobile gaming so that it can be as smooth as it is on desktop. All you can expect are more mobile-friendly slots than is the case now.

4K Slots and 3D Graphics

In 2018, the first slot that supported 4K resolution was developed. It was something that the industry had never experienced before. The graphics used to create the slots were so advanced that they somehow seemed unreal.

Software developers are walking the same path as Konami,the first developer to create slots with 4K resolution combined with 3D graphics. They are already looking into developing 4K slots to offer their customers a more immersive gaming experience. 4K slots create a vivid gaming experience where players will feel like they are right in the middle of a scene.

Skill-based Online Slots

If you are a veteran online slots player, you probably remember the days when these casino games featured simple interfaces. Then, it was hard to imagine machines that incorporated elements of skill to give you an edge. Presently, slot developers have figured out innovative ways to incorporate skills without causing disruptions on the randomness of the games.

Take, for example, Seinfeld Video Slot by the experiences Scientific Games. The slot opens with a short, entertaining video from TV shows. In it, you can see the images of the cast as well as soundtracks from Seinfeld.

There is a unique feature that draws gamers’ attention. In this feature, you’ll see a Christmas pole that you shake to win free spins and money. Such skill-based slots are thrilling and all we can do is hope that we will be seeing more of this in 2020.

In a Nutshell

Online slots have come a long away; they have undergone numerous changes to turn them into the visually powerful, entertaining and appealing online casino mainstays they have become today. Interestingly, we have not experienced the best of online slots yet. As technology continues to advance, so will slots.

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