How it’s Journey Begin Of Bitcoin? Let’s Discuss Investment Process!

It is not cleared yet that this idea is brought by an individual or a group of individuals. This is still a mystery who is the founder of bitcoin.


It is not cleared yet that this idea is brought by an individual or a group of individuals. This is still a mystery who is the founder of bitcoin. But they had given a name to their group, and that is Satoshi Nakamoto.

The development of bitcoin is started in 2008, and their registered domain was “” and introduced to the world in 2009(12 years ago). Bitcoin is introduced to the world as open-source software. Basically, it is an electronic or a virtual currency that can be used as an economic currency. This currency can be used as an investment and can be used to buy goods and services in the market. 

As the process of buying bitcoin is very easy and clean, and because of this availability, the software reached a large number of investors. As in the early stage the price of a bitcoin is very low. So the investors with low budgets can also perform trades. 

By findings of research done by Cambridge University, we get to know that there are between 29 lacs to 58 lacs are currently using cryptocurrency wallet and a large number among these users use bitcoins. 2013 can be said a golden period for bitcoin as in this year, a large number of new users was added to the trade of bitcoins. Near about 1.5 million new users were introduced to bitcoin.

We can buy or sell bitcoins in both ways online and offline. We can perform online trade with the help of online exchange and can be purchased from a user directly. In online, people find some problems in the transaction. There is one more method to purchase bitcoin that is bitcoin ATMs. These ATMs are not the same as the ATMs we see at banks. These ATMs are connected to the internet, which allows us to exchange cash against bitcoin. It charges a big amount as transaction fees. Globally, there are more than 600 ATMs.


Bitcoin trading is more attractive to the traders who can take risks while investing as more risk gives more profits. As there are huge fluctuations in the price of bitcoin which can give well returns over a night. But one should invest according to his/her risk bearing limits as there are fluctuations in prices, which can give you a huge loss. We suggest that you should do a proper research of the market before investing at the time of investment you must consider all the factors that result in increase and decrease of prices.

You must keep a regular check on the world market and world economy. The policies of different nations keep changes, and these policies have a huge impact on the prices of bitcoin. So you must stay up to date with all these kinds of news and statements. These studies will give you wide visions of the market and the this platform will help in making good investment decisions.


IN 2010 the price of a bitcoin was 0.09$ usd. In 2011 it reached to 0.30$ usd. In 2011 the price increases by 0.21$ usd. In 2012 the price of bitcoin was 5.27$ usd in this year price is increased by 4.97$ usd. In 2013 the price reached to 13.30$ usd at this year price is increased by 8.04$ usd. In 2014 bitcoin value got a push, and it reaches to 770.44$ usd in 2014 prices are increased by 757.13$ usd .in 2015 the prices were decreased to 313.92$ usd total change in value was -456.51$ usd. In 2016 the value was increased to 434.46$ usd net change was 120.54$ usd. In 2017 the value becomes 997.69 total change in value this year was 563.23$ usd.

In 2018 the values were increased to 13412.44$ usd net change in this year was 12414.75$usd. In 2019 the prices decrease to 3869.47$ usd net change this year was -9542.97$ usd. In 2020 price increases to 7188.46$ usd net change this year was 3318.99$ usd. In the year 2021 price increases to 29391.78$ usd net change, this year is 22203.31$ usd. 

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