How to Convert a PDF file to Word document on MAC?


When dealing with PDF (Portable Document Format) to word documents, most of our users are recommended to buy a converter or editor with a high price. Is this necessary to have some high price software or tool for this purpose? No this is not necessary to have a highly-purchased tool on your device in order to get your job done. We have many free ways to convert PDF to word documents on Mac, Windows, and other operating systems.

In the following discussion we will have three methods to get what we want, that is a word document out of a PDF file. In this article we will specifically talk about how to convert a PDF file into word document on your MacBook. We will talk about Mac preview, Google docs, and online PDF to word converter, now we will start with Mac preview.

There are few things you need to make sure you have to follow this article, your MacBook, and a stable internet, and also make sure that you have Mac Preview installed on your MacBook. There is also one last thing to understand, that is you must have a Google drive account, which is used for Google docs. If you have a Gmail account, then you have your Google drive account too, because a Gmail account gives you access to Google drive, and Google drive gives you up to 15 GB free storage online.

1. Converting File using Mac Preview

First of all, open your PDF file with Mac preview and then copy the PDF file text you want to use in a word document. Finally paste the text in a word document, this is a very simple and easy way of getting your job done.

2. Converting PDF file into word document using Google docs

If you have used legal services, you should be familiar with Google docs. It is an online service of word by Google, which can convert native and scanned PDFs. First, login into your Google account, if you are not logged in already. Then go to Google drive option and click the button on the top left corner, with caption ‘New’, a drop down will be shown to you, create a separate folder for this work get into that folder and upload your PDF file from your device to your Google drive upload your file on Google drive, you can drag and drop your files, and it will be uploaded to your Google drive. Once ready, right-click on the PDF file and choose the ‘open with Google docs’. Now your file is displayed in Google docs, go to File at the top left corner you see. Click on File a drop down will give you many options there. From Download as, choose Microsoft Word (docx). You will get your file downloaded within no time, depending on the speed of your internet.

3. Online PDF converter for scanned and Native PDF

As for online PDF converters, here we pick, here are the reasons why you should pick this tool. Firstly, it supports splash conversion, secondly, it supports OCR. Thirdly, it supports many other conversions as well. Now drag and drop your file here, then choose output as word. You will see the OCR functions are activated and choose to convert with OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Select a file language then start the conversion of your file. Once the process is completed, click on download to download your word document.

We have discussed three methods of converting PDF into Word, select any of them which you think is best for you.

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