The Importance of Responsive Website Designs in 2019

Importance of Responsive Website Designs in 2019: The use of Smartphones has risen greatly in recent years. Many browsers on Smartphones or tablets instead


Importance of Responsive Website Designs in 2019: The use of Smartphones has risen greatly in recent years. Many browsers on Smartphones or tablets instead of laptops or desktops, highlighting a dramatic shift in behavior among people.

Importance of Responsive Website Designs in 2019

Mobile web usage has overtaken desktop with most using mobile devices to shop online, for online banking, and scroll through social media. This makes it hugely important to have responsive website designs for your business needs. If you are a business owner in Dubai, you need a business website that works well on a smartphone and other mobile screens due to the fact that sheer amount of people will be using your website through their smartphone or tablet.

As we are living currently in a multi-screen society, it is important for your website to be viewed on mobile devices too. Thus, having a mobile responsive website is no more an option but rather a requirement.

Importance of Responsive Website Design for Business

  • Improved user experience–User experience is crucial to your business website. Having a mobile responsive website design will make your website mobile-friendly as it will improve the way it looks on devices with both small and large screens. It offers a high-quality user experience as content can be viewed quicker and clearly on all devices.
  • Increases screen time– When designed well with no zooming and scrolling; it will make visitors increase their time on your site, thus improving your rankings on the search engine. Users can navigate your website without resizing and with minimum scrolling.
  • Search engine optimization gainsSEO Having only a desktop-only website means that chances of ranking well in the search engines will be less. So, having a responsive website is important for Google to identify your website as user-friendly for mobile searches, thus paving the way for improving search rankings. Providing a smooth consistent experience for your customers could lead to lead generation, sales and conversions.
  • Speed – Websites with responsive mobile design tend to load faster. Quick loading times of a well-performing responsive website creates a higher possibility of users to stay longer here than on an unresponsive website. This will increase your ranking and reduce your bounce rate.
  • Monitoring Analytics – You now have mobile-first indexing by Google. To check your website speed on Google Page Speed Insights, you will have to see the mobile speed page first rather than on desktop. Businesses can have all their Analytics, tracking, and reporting in one place with responsive website design.

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  • Cost-effectiveness –By having a responsive website design, you can eliminate the cost of paying for a mobile site. It can get expensive if you have separate sites for your mobile and non-mobile customers. By investing in a single responsive website design appealing to visitors and that can be seen on all screens saves you on the money.
  • Flexibility – You can make changes quickly on a website with a responsive design like making a design tweak or fixing a typo. Changes can be made easily and quickly on a responsive website.
  • Increase reach to customers and clients – Having a responsive website design can make social sharing easier, ensures smooth SEO campaigns from top SEO company Dubaithus helping you to grow a bigger audience for your brand.
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