Learn How Instagram Analystics Can Help Your Business Improve It’s Social Status

With over a billion users worldwide, Instagram has become the hottest social networking platform for most youngsters, adults, and businesses.


With over a billion users worldwide, Instagram has become the hottest social networking platform for most youngsters, adults, and businesses. Two hundred million IG users visit at least one business profile every day, and 62% of people claim that they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories. These numbers show that Instagram has become a popular marketing avenue for businesses today, even though the platform’s origins involved only sharing photos.

As a business owner or marketer, you can truly unlock the potential of Instagram only if you understand the right metrics which determine how much you are engaging your audience. Free Instagram video editors online help you generate excellent content, while other analytics apps help you analyze the performance of your content and posts. So, what are Instagram analytics, and how do they help businesses?

The Best Instagram Analytics Metrics for You

1. Instagram Insights

If you have a business account on Instagram, you also get access to their free analytics tool called Instagram Insights. When is your audience active, which posts are most popular, the reach of your account, and a comparison of the outreach between your original post and the promoted version are some information that you can get from this tool. This app is the most basic analytics software that gives you a good overview of your account.

Various third-party applications use your Instagram data and analyse it for you. Here are some other features you can get from these apps.

2. Social Monitoring 

Social monitoring tools deal specifically with your posts and their outreach, including details like hashtag and competitor tracking. Through social monitoring tools, you can learn the trending hashtags and topics on the platform and among your competitors, so that you can tune your content accordingly. You also get a sense of the best time to schedule posts so that maximum viewers are online to view it.

3. Follower Monitoring 

You can break down the view count for your posts on a weekly or even daily basis, and can also segment your customers by demographics and other details of their online persona. Learning about your customer or viewer’s behaviour can help you fine-tune the content to their liking.

4. Content Curation 

Some sophisticated analytics tools use machine learning and artificial intelligence to collect data across thousands of posts from other websites and pages to suggest recommendations for your content. These tools don’t just analyse your posts but can find a general trend of what your customers like and want.

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Follower insights and content curation are crucial aspects of modern marketing ideas, particularly personalization and customer-centric marketing. These metrics help you design your content to target specific categories of customers and not just the “average” customer.

5. Social Reports 

Your top customers often become your brand’s advocates: they share your content and promote your business for you as a sign of goodwill. Tools offering social reports can find your influencers or brand advocates supporting your products, which helps you create effective campaigns. You can find-tune the search further and pick out specific influencers who have the most engagement and the largest following, and share your content primarily through them.

6. Hashtags Keyword Monitoring  

Which hashtags works best with your audience? Which of your followers are talking about your brand, and how does that impact your business? Creating keyword monitoring streams keeps track of your conversations to ensure that you are consistently communicating with your existing and potential customers.

7. Website Referral Traffic

How many people go on to visit your site or blog or another related link after seeing your Instagram video or post? Website referral traffic to the number of visits your sites gets through other platforms. So, this metric will show how useful your Instagram post is in pushing the audience to look for more details instead of just seeing a post and scrolling past.

So, how can you use these metrics to create better content and maximize outreach?

How to Generate Better Content

1. Brand-Specific Themes

All your content should have some characteristic element(s) unique to your brand and company. It can be something as simple as a logo or tagline to something as elaborate as an intro or outro sequence.

Use an intro maker (free downloads should be readily available online) and make a short 10-15 second intro to your brand or product, with music and captions. The moment someone notices the intro, they should immediately be able to associate themselves with the brand.

2. Hashtags and SEO Parameters 

Hashtags make your video or content more prominent in Instagram searches, and geotags make your post come up when people search for something in the same geographical location. With the right keywords and hashtags that your analytics application tells you, you can significantly improve the outreach of your posts.

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However, don’t overload your content with hashtags. The ideal number should be 10 or 11 hashtags per post: 5 of them in the caption and the rest in the comments.

3. Sharing Across Platforms 

Although these analytics tools mentioned here are restricted mainly to Instagram, other social media platforms will have different analytics tools that serve similar purposes. Whenever you share some content on one platform, simultaneously post it on your official pages in other media, the company blog, YouTube channel, and so on. Some apps that work across platforms help you schedule and share posts at the same time.

4. Personalization 

With all your follower and content data, you should be able to categorize your customers based on different stages of the customer life cycle: a potential buyer, an existing buyer, and an advocate. Creating separate videos for the various categories is more work, but can vastly improve your marketing campaign because you need to appeal to different needs of the customer.

Start Instagramming Today! 

These analytics tools available on Instagram should be accurate to guide your business’ marketing channels on the platform. Instagram is a powerful tool to get the outreach you want if you correctly use the features and tools available at your disposal. Boost your marketing campaign today!

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