Logo embroidered duffel bags – The different types of duffel bags

Logo embroidered duffel bags – The different types of duffel bags: You are working in an organization, company or institution, and you are pursuing to...


Logo embroidered duffel bags – The different types of duffel bags: You are working in an organization, company or institution, and you are pursuing to market your brand through logo embroidered duffel bags, but wondering how many types of duffel bags are available?

Duffel bags have been considered great in recent years; these bags can carry a lot of stuff that can be heavily weighted as well. These are considered smaller than the suitcases or you could say for storing the mild to moderately weighted items, duffel bags are priorities in most cases.

The usage of duffel bags has been raised to a very high level; pretty much every person owns some kind of duffel bags as they are considered extremely useful for storing anything and transporting the goods/items from one place to another place.

Logo embroidered duffel bags – The different types of duffel bags

Now, as a corporation, you can market your brand through the custom logo duffel bags. However, you are in an early stage of marketing and trying to evaluate or assess the plan for the future.

You may have already ordered or purchased some customized duffel bags on which your company logo is embroidered. Assuming you are using those duffel bags only in your company and not selling them, you can capitalize on these duffel bags due to its high usage in every place.

The customized duffel bags can help you in getting the attention from the interested parties/business if those bags are appealing to look and feels good when holding them.

So, at this moment, you have understood the importance of customized duffel bags and how they can be the catalyst for improving the effectiveness of your marketing.

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I am going to tell you the different types of duffel bags that can help you decide which one to pick for customizing them with the embroidered logo of your company. It is not possible to talk about every type/kind of duffel bags, because they are in hundreds in terms of categories, so I will talk about the ones that are mostly used, and thus are common. Let’s get started!

Types of Duffel Bags – Picking the best ones

Following are some of the duffel bags that will help you choose the right one (which will depend on your needs) to market your brand effectively:

Canvas Duffel Bag

This is the most common duffel bag. If you go to any place, whether it is a public place, events, family/friends gathering, etc. you can easily identify them.

These bags are not very costly, but durable enough, in fact, its durability is the major quality of these duffel bags. These are usually made with horse leather and generally used by females as a fashion. It has been seen that recently men have also started to use these bags as fashion because of its popularity and general awareness.

This duffel bag should be your first priority if you are targeting the general audience. You can customize them with your embroidered company logo.

Barrel/Gym Duffel Bag

These bags are usually larger than the Canvas bags. They have good durability as well, however, they are more costly than the other duffel bags. This is a tube-shaped bag with straps to handle the bag.

These duffel bags have been used in the military for many years to its durability and the capacity to hold a lot of stuff in it. These bags are usually made with polyester, however, the other material has been seen as well.

These are also used as a gym bag; it is used by athletes or the people in the gym to carry the sports stuff and gym stuff respectively. This should be your second priority when you are marketing your brand through the custom logo embroidered duffel bags.

Travel Duffle Bag

These duffel bags are preferred for traveling as the name suggests. These bags can carry A LOT of stuff in it. They tend to be quite larger in size compared to other duffel bags.

These bags are used mostly by the tourists or people who are traveling to a different city/country for some days or months, as it has a huge capacity to store the stuff for a month like groceries, clothes and other necessities of the life.

You can capitalize on these bags by customizing them with your logo embroidered on them. Then you can do giveaways of these duffel bags to your employees or any partner in your business who is traveling.

Squared Duffle Bag

These duffel bags tend to be square in shape as the name suggests. These bags are usually shorter horizontally, but larger vertically. These bags are often used by the police department to store the weapons and equipment.

Squared Duffel Bags can also be used for storage of regularly used stuff, as these are not very expensive, as they don’t come in the luxury category, however, they are durable enough to hold a lot of heavy weighted stuff. These duffel bags are usually made with polyester similar to travel bags.

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These squared duffel bags can be customized with your logo embroidered on them, and then you can either use these bags within your company or share them with your employees and business partners.

Final Thoughts

At this moment, you should have understood the most commonly used duffel bags and how they differ from each other. You can easily market your brand through these duffel bags by purchasing them in bulk according to your budget and strategy.

In case you didn’t understand something or if you have any further question, then let us know in the comment section below!

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