TheOneSpy – Best Android Spyware 2019


TheOneSpy – Best Android Spyware 2019: TheOneSpy delivers the best monitoring solution for android mobile phones and tablets. Using the spyware app, the end-user can keep track of smartphone devices of their families and workers. The spyware app comes preloaded with innumerable features letting users to monitor and control mobile phones without physical access.

TheOneSpy – Best Android Spyware 2019

The android spy software allows monitoring activities performed on and around the cell phone. We have reviewed here the spy app to elaborate its features, compatible devices and price.

User-Friendly Installation

The cell phone spy apps enable users to remotely supervise the activities performed on the targeted mobile phone. Once you install the software on the mobile phone, you never need to access it again to check out activities. Most of the spyware apps only run on rooted android phones.

However, TheOneSpy also supports unrooted android phones. The basic version of the spy app can be installed on unrooted mobile phones following the user-friendly installation process.

Core Features of the Android Spyware

The android spyware app offers a wide range of features enabling users to track and operate the monitored cell phone without physical access. We have rounded up here core features of the spyware app.

Monitor Surroundings

The android spyware app allows turning on cameras and microphone of the monitored phone. By remotely operating these tools, the end-user can monitor surroundings. The app allows capturing photos and making videos by remote controlling front and back cameras and MIC.

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Monitor Social Media

The social media apps can be monitored with the help of android spy app. The high-tech spyware allows tracking Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr, Telegram, Kik, Tinder, Line, Vine, Viber, Hangout, Hike, Skype and many other social messengers.


The mobile phone spy app allows monitoring messages, photos and videos exchanged via above mentioned social apps. You can also monitor posts and friend-lists.

SMS Tracker

The messages received and transmitted through the monitored android phone can be read direct from the online portal of the spyware app. The advanced tracker software creates an online backup of SMS, MMS and instant messages. The end-user can access this backup anytime and can get contact detail of communicators.

Call Recorder

The phone calls received and made by your concerned persons can be monitored to ensure their security. The app records all calls and uploads to the online portal. It also accesses call logs to get detail of callers and recipients.

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Track Contacts

The contact numbers stored on the phone memory can be monitored and managed right from the online portal of the spyware app. You can find out whom your concerned persons are in contact with. Also, you can edit the Phonebook by adding new numbers and removing unwanted numbers.

Track GPS Location

The GPS location of the monitored phone can be found out to stay updated about tours of your children and workers. The spy app shows current GPS location of the monitored android phone. Also, it provides detail of locations visited including the route detail, visit time and more.


If you want to stay aware of your kids’ entrance and exit from specific locations such as schools or playgrounds, you can mark those locations. The android spyware app notifies you every time your kids reach and exit from those locations.

Track Browsing History

The internet usage of employees and kids can be monitored with the help of android spyware software. The app syncs the internet browsing history of the monitored phones and gets access to bookmarks.


The end-user of the spyware app can access synced history and bookmarks from the online portal. If your concerned individual or group is visiting objectionable websites, you can block their access to those sites.


What if you could know the password of your teens’ online accounts? The spyware app for android provides access to credentials put to the on-screen keyboard of the monitored phone. It allows recording usernames, passwords, email addresses and messenger chats.

Remote Control Mobile & Apps

The spyware app lets you control mobile phone device without physical access. You can lock and unlock the phone right from the online control panel. Also, you can block, unblock or uninstall mobile apps installed on the phone to manage screen time of kids.


The mobile phone spy app is compatible with all mobile phones running Android OS 5+. It supports popular android smartphone brands including Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, HTC and Haier. It does not support TCL mobile phones, Chinese smartphones and latest iOS smartphones. To check the compatibility of your device visit website.

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