What Are Minecraft, And What Are Its Different Types OF Servers?

What Are Minecraft, And What Are Its Different Types OF Servers?

Minecraft is a block-building game created in 2009 by Markus Persson, Notch. Since his success with Minecraft, Persson has developed several other games, including the hugely popular Scrolls and mobile games Cobalt and Cobalt 2.

The goal of Minecraft is to survive in an otherwise hostile environment. By crafting tools to mine resources, build shelter, and defend yourself from monsters and creatures that have invaded your world. Furthermore, you can use the resources you mine or create things like trees or farms that change your environment’s look.

Your buildings will decay over time if not maintained but will also change as seasons progress. For all the given stuff, there are different types of servers provided. You can find in the below-mentioned descriptions where you may also find the best Minecraft anarchy server.

Different Things You Can Do in Minecraft

There is a lot of stuff that you can do in Minecraft. Surprisingly, theecraft is a survival game in which all staff is made of blocks. So here are different things mentioned that you can do in Minecraft.

  1. Build A House

The first thing is to build a house in Minecraft. The building of a house can be turned off if you don’t want them to be destroyed by monsters.

There should also be some shelter that would protect the player from getting attacked by monsters and other players who might try to attack them while building their house.

  1. Build A City

The next thing is to build a city in Minecraft. If you have played the game a bit more, you will notice that when you build something and leave Minecraft, it won’t be there anymore.

So you will have to go back and restart the game so that your settlement can be saved.

  1. Mine and Craft Items

Another thing is to mine in Minecraft. You will have to mine materials and resources to make tools or weapons.

You can also make a “recipe,” which lists all the items you will need to craft an item. This way, you won’t have any trouble making that special “item” in Minecraft.

  1. Plots and Missions

Plot missions are a part of the game where you have to set up an area and protect it from other players who might be trying to destroy your base or steal your items.

Nevertheless, there are some plot missions in which you don’t have to build anything but protect your resource from other players who would try taking it from you by force.

  1. Crafting Recipes

Crafting is another important thing in Minecraft. Unfortunately, crafted items are very rare, and since there are a lot of players, this means that you might not be able to find the materials you need to craft an item.

That’s where ‘recipes’ come into play; they describe the exact materials needed to craft a particular item so that if you have found a recipe for “Steve’s Pickaxe,” you can search for the “Steve’s Pickaxe” item in Minecraft. It will show up on your inventory.

  1. Building Centers

You can also build robots or ‘centers’ in Minecraft. You will first have to know how to build a ‘Cable Coil’ or a ‘Control Circuit.’ Then you can craft a ‘Circuit Board’ or a ‘Steering wheel.’¬† After that, you can build a new type of block called ‘Mind Control Core.

Finally, you will find the ‘Cable Coil’ you have crafted earlier attached to a ‘Control Circuit,’ into which you can put either a Steering wheel or a ‘Cortex Chip.’ This is how you build a robot called ‘Steve Center.

What Are The Different Types OF Servers?

  • Survival Build

Survival Build is a survival server or also best Minecraft anarchy server is a pure survival world, where you will have to find food, weapons, and equipment on your own like in real life. You can live alone or with other players as long as you feel safe from the monsters and other players who might try to attack you while you are in your base.

  • Plots

There is usually no hunger or death in plots on a plot world, but there are monsters called bosses. Bosses can be found anywhere, but it’s easy to find them in jungle, desert, and mountain biomes.

  • Creative

On a creative server, you can’t die, you have no hunger, and you can build anything that you have in mind. There are no monsters and bosses on a creative server, so it’s just like playing single-player mode but with a whole community of players. On a creative server, it’s very important to respect other players and not grieve or PvP on purpose.

  • PVP (Player Vs. Player)

In PVP, there are both survival elements and PVP elements. For example, you can be given items like armor or weapons when you look at the spawn from down low enough, so the effects of the game don’t give you an advantage over the players who join later than you did.

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  • Skyblock

In Skyblock, islands are floating in the sky that players have to reach by flying or boat. The islands are surrounded by water, lava, cacti, and sand blocks, so you will fall into the water and lava when you ride a boat into the island. To survive on an Island, you will have to mine resources, craft stuff like wood tools or bookshelves, and build a shelter for yourself.

  • Kitpvp

A kitpvp server is for players who want more action because, on this server, a player could be given random items like swords and armor, etc. on a kitpvp server, you can fight other players with items that have been given to you on spawn. However, keep in mind that the kitpvp server is less about survival and more about action.


There are a variety of Minecraft servers on the best Minecraft anarchy server. Some of what you can find include faction servers, raiding servers, survival servers, and servers that allow you to play Minecraft. The servers have different settings and other interesting features, which you may better understand after reading the descriptions.

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