How Do Online Casinos Pay You Your Winnings?


Is there a better feeling than knowing you can take your rewards fast & easy? Find out how do online casinos pay your winnings.

A Comprehensive Guide: How Do Online Casinos Pay You Your Winnings?

You’re wiping sweat from your forehead while struggling to take a breath. In front of your eyes, there’s just a bunch of pictures, while the colors overflow everywhere on the screen. Adrenaline starts pumping through your veins – you’ve just hit the jackpot. You slowly come to your senses and, overwhelmed with happiness, you start thinking and planning how to spend the newly arrived money. Naturally, the first thing you want to do is to take your money as soon as possible.

At that moment, one question takes over your mind: how do online casinos pay you your winnings? Luckily, you’ve come across this article, a unique and comprehensive guide helping you take your winnings in the fastest possible manner.

Online Casino Withdrawals

It’s difficult to explain the reason why people like to gamble. Some players enjoy the thrill and excitement that comes with it, others like the suspense. All in all, the fact is that visiting any brick-and-mortar or online casino leaves no one indifferent. All feelings aside, gambling is supposed to be rewarding as well.

People expect their winnings to be fast and reliable. Therefore, players expect the withdrawal process to be simple. However, in some cases, the very process of taking your money from a casino account may have some additional steps. Occasionally, players get stuck with a withdrawal. This happens either because of a lack of tech-savviness or because the player is simply unfamiliar with the procedure. Nevertheless, in these typical cases, players ask for answers to the one question above all – how do online casinos pay you your winnings?PGSlot

In the lines that follow, we’ll cover the most popular ways to deposit and withdraw from casinos. You’ll find out which methods are the fastest and how they work. In addition, we’ll show you how to use some methods to save more money, avoiding unnecessary fees.

The Most Popular Withdrawal Methods

Nowadays, people can choose between plenty of payment options. These methods can differ between countries and regions. Other times, it’s just a matter of personal preferences. To make their clients comfortable and keep them in their flock, online casinos offer players different payments/withdrawals methods.

There are pros and cons for each method, and we’ll cover that in the lines that follow. Therefore, take a look at these ways online casinos pay you your winnings:

  • Visa/Mastercard/Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Wire Transfer
  • Crypto

There are many different options available for people who like to play with actual money. Keep in mind that, depending on the region, or some local legal constraints, these methods can include fees or even be unavailable to some players. This is why it’s important to always read the casino’s T&C section.

Also, you can find more information online. There are many reputable sources, such as, where you can find unbiased banking information. These articles can help you get a better understanding of how different withdrawal methods work.

Visa/Mastercard/Credit Card

These are the most popular banking methods. Using any credit or debit card provides you with instant credit to your account and fast withdrawals. However, depending on the casino, taking your winnings may last up to 5 business days. In addition, these payment options usually have minimal fees involved.


This is one of the fastest payment methods. The money you send to your casino account reflects immediately. The same goes for withdrawals. In most cases, the casino will instantly cash out your winnings if you opt for this method. The only drawback could be the fact that not all gambling venues offer PayPal as a payment/withdrawal option.


People love this payment method as it’s simple and accessible. Skrill accounts work the same on mobile devices, yet people can withdraw money from ATMs. The reason why online casinos pay you your winnings through this method is that transactions are usually swift. Using this option, it takes no more than 30 seconds to complete the money transfer.


This is one of the most popular pre-paid payment methods in Europe. When taking your money back from the casino, the player needs to fill in a withdrawal request. Most casinos will have a pending time until they accept players’ requests. The time ranges between 24 and 72 hours. After the casino accepts the request, the money will be on your Paysafecard almost immediately. Still, contrary to credit or debit cards, this option comes with certain transaction costs.

Wire Transfer

Players usually prefer wire transfers, especially those who don’t like to share their banking details with other websites. The time online casinos pay you your winning through this method differs. Usually, this method is slower than the others and may take between 5 and 7 days.


It is evident that people’s faith in Bitcoin has affected punters’ habits and simultaneously transformed the banking system. This method provides anonymity and almost instant transfers. The only downside of this method could be the lack of crypto regulation. Still, the number of casinos that accept bitcoin as a way of payment is increasing every day.

So, how do online casinos pay you your winnings in crypto? The process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to fill in the request and leave your crypto wallet address. After you do that, the coins will immediately jump to your account. What’s more, this withdrawal method comes with next to no fees.

Final Thoughts

People often ask how online casinos pay you your winnings. The correct answer would be – however you want. Typically, casinos offer a wide variety of deposit/withdrawal options. Ultimately it’s your choice which method you are going to choose. Before selecting a withdrawal method, it would be a wise choice to check the casinos’ banking options. This way, gambling enthusiasts will better understand which payment/cashout option is available at a specific casino. Every method has its pros and cons, and it’s up to players to weigh their costs and benefits and choose a payment method accordingly.

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