Online PDF to PPT File Converter for Free

Online PDF to PPT File Converter for Free: Throughout the years, the innovation of technology helped different industries such as entertainment...


Online PDF to PPT File Converter: Throughout the years, the innovation of technology helped different industries such as entertainment, fashion, and most especially business. From filing paperwork to creating electronic documents, work became effortless.

Online PDF to PPT File Converter for Free

The most common electronic document formats used for business are XLSX, DOCX, PDF, and PPT. They can be created through Microsoft Office or with other word processing programs. PPT and PPTX are the best formats for every business meeting that needs document presentations. They are very useful to present a creative slideshow.

If some of your files are in PDF forms, there is no need to worry. Every document can be converted with the help of converter platforms. So, if you need a fast way to turn your PDF file into a PPT Presentation, consider using PDFBear, it is one of the most well-known online file converters for free.

3 Easy Steps How to Convert PDF to PPT

PDF or Portable Document Format is a combination of compressed images highly accessible for transmitting, viewing, and printing files. PPT, on the other hand, is a Microsoft PowerPoint extension used for slide show presentations for school or work. Without further ado, here are the steps on how to convert PDF to PPT.

Drag and Drop your PDF

First of all, visit the PDFBear website on your internet browser. From there, find and choose PDF to PPT. You have two options to upload the PDF file that you wish to convert. You can drag the file from your computer and drop them to the webpage’s designated area. Or, you can click on the ‘Select Files’ button and choose a file.

Start Conversion

When the uploading process is complete, the second step is to start the conversion. To do this, click the ‘Convert!’ button to turn your PDF file into a PPT Presentation. After that, you can modify the PPT by choosing from the available options. Or, you can save the document straight up.

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Download the PPT Presentation

The last and final step is to download the PPT presentation. To save the file to your device, click on the ‘Download’ button on the webpage. After that, you can also share it to your Google Dropbox or Drive. These steps are quick and straightforward. Plus, PDFBear’s service is 100% free.

Why Should You Convert PDF to PPT?

Despite PDF’s accessibility in any document transactions, it is not great for holding a presentation. That’s why it is recommended to convert your PDF file into PPT format. PPT Slideshows are commonly used for business presentations and school reports. Aside from this, you can also modify or edit your slides if they are in PPT file format.

Advantages of Converting Through PDFBear

PDFBear has a user-friendly interface with super easy access and controls. Despite promoting easy and quick features, this platform ensures quality performance in terms of file conversion. With its partnership with Solid Documents, they manage to provide world-class and applause-worthy services.

PDFBear is compatible with any computer running Windows and Mac Operating Systems. You can also use Android phones for PDF to PPT conversions. Aside from compatibility, they also put their security at the topmost priority. PDFBear assures that your data will remain secured and encrypted all through the whole conversion process.


There are a lot of file converters throughout the internet, but PDFBear is perhaps one of the best. Whether you are working or studying, you can always access its service. This platform has many satisfying and unique features, all available for free. So, if you need an online file converter, PDFBear is always ready to help you out.

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