Qi Wireless Charger Guide 2020


Are you tired of untangling your charger cables? Has it ever disturbed your mobile gaming or SNS time? The common problem we all have regarding charger cables is their durability. No matter how strong they are manufactured, we always break them and spend a lot on replacements in the long run.

Charging your phone shouldn’t become an inconvenience, and that’s why people are switching to wireless chargers. Recently, Qi’s wireless chargers are making waves among smartphone users in the world! Check out if your phone can benefit from this technology.

Know Your Smartphone

Sadly, not all smartphones are Qi enabled. However, if you are always up to date with the latest smartphone models and always get the latest ones available in the market, your handset may just make it to the list of Qi-enabled smartphones.

Does your phone have glass backs? Most of the latest iPhone models have this design. Stylish this may seem, it serves a functional purpose to enable wireless charging for your Qi charger.

On the other hand, metal backs can also use Qi’s wireless chargers, but the metal back itself consumes the charger’s power. Thus, the charging time is slower compared to glass-backed smartphones. However, this identification method is not foolproof, so it’s always better to check the handset list that can charge with Qi.

How to Use Qi Wireless Chargers

Is your smartphone Qi-enabled? If yes, good news for you! Qi wireless chargers are easy to use even for first-time users. Just like any other charger, you have to connect it to a power source. Next, you have to place the charging pads on a flat surface or on to whatever platform is suggested on the box. Lastly, before putting your device on the pad, make sure it is faced up.

If you think you might forget the important points we mentioned above for your wireless charging experience, just remember to read the manuals and follow the charging signs designed on the pads.

Pros and Cons

As people look for more convenient ways to improve their smartphone usage, people will always be looking for wireless charging as an option. However, just like any other functions and services, wireless chargers have their pros and cons. Get to know more about wireless chargers.

No Wire Damage

We do hate it when our charging cables break and bend over time. No matter how expensive and durable they are, accidents are bound to happen, and that is why we spend so much money purchasing these over time.

With the constant plugging and unplugging, chargers may stop working. You can avoid this problem with the use of a wireless charger. You won’t have to worry about cables being tangled and getting people stumbling and tripping over them.


Have you ever experienced waking up just to find out that you haven’t plugged your charging cable into your phone? If yes, wireless charging saves you the trouble! All you have to do is place your phone on the charging pad, and that’s it. You can have your phone charged anywhere, whether it be in a car or at work.

Charging Time

There are several fast chargers available in the market, but all of them are wired. If you are looking for a wireless option, companies are still working on it. For now, the charging time for wireless chargers is not as fast as what we hoped it to be.

Unusable Device During Charging

Aside from the slow charging time, some wireless chargers have a particular placement of smart handsets on the charging pad. When the phone is moved or slightly lifted, it may further slow or stop the charging. So better find the right spot where you can check your phone notifications without moving it away from the pad.


Wireless charging is here to stay for the convenience it brings to smartphone users. If the pros of wireless charging outweigh the cons, better make the switch now! Qi wireless chargers are one of the most preferred in the market. Grab yours today!

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