Smart Technologies That Can Change Your Kitchen

Smart kitchen technology: Smart home systems have become commonplace in our lives. The kitchen is the most suitable place to introduce modern achievements.


Smart kitchen Technology: The introduction of smart home systems has become commonplace in our lives. Adding intelligence to your home allows you to save electricity and water reasonably, protects homes from intruders, warns owners about open doors, and facilitates everyday life.

Smart kitchen features

The kitchen is the most suitable place to introduce modern achievements. Many smart systems can already make a variety of meals, cool suitable drinks, brew tea, and coffee. Refrigerators themselves will point out spoiled food, make a shopping list based on the owner’s diet, and place an order at the online store. The owner will receive notifications about all actions on their smartphone. Today, kitchen appliances are able to cook harmless food. For example, cool food steamers.

Smart technologies that can change your kitchen

Numerous kitchen gadgets designed for smart kitchens make everyday life easier, and the cooking process is enjoyable.

What functions does a smart kitchen perform?

Many common Smart Home features apply to the kitchen area. Among them:

  • tracking the operation of the main house systems – water supply, sewerage, heating, electricity, gas. When you register the problem sensors, the automatics will power off or shut down the emergency area and send the owner a message about the problem;
  • contactless interaction with lighting – switching on of light by movements or sound, control of luminaire brightness by voice, complex light scenarios;
  • automated climate control system with temperature, humidity sensors, etc.

How to turn an ordinary kitchen into a smart one?

Smart kitchen differs from the usual primarily convenient layout, using every piece of space with maximum efficiency. The presence of all sorts of organizers will help to remove clutter from countertops and shelves and make room for smart and Thrifty appliances. Among all the devices, a kitchen tablet, an induction cooker, and a special system for turning on water with your feet are considered to be the most useful.

Kitchen tablet

A special tablet designed for use in the kitchen area. An Internet connection will allow you to use it as a cookbook. A link to the refrigerator will help you automatically filter recipes that have everything available. An interaction with coffee makers and multi-cookers will help you program individual modes of operation. The tablet has a built-in non-contact thermometer and hygrometer for precise control of the cooking process.

Induction Cooker

The safest type of kitchen stoves. There is no open fire, which can injure if you are careless, the burners do not heat up when used. An undeniable plus – such a stove can be turned off independently after removing the dishes from it. There are many automated programs for various preparations and remote control functions.

Foot-operated water switch

Small pedals located under the sink near the floor. They allow you to turn the water on and off, adjust the pressure and temperature. A convenient invention for those who are always busy with their hands.

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Top 10 smart kitchen appliances

The process of equipping a modern kitchen area can begin with the purchase of useful appliances like a refrigerator that simplify everyday life. Some smart things have already gained worldwide popularity.

Desktop vacuum cleaner

The portable wireless unit will pick up crumbs and small trash from your desktop in seconds. Some models are cleverly equipped with a wet cleaning function, which allows you to use the vacuum cleaner for express cleaning of cabinets, drawers, blinds, and curtains.

Safe Box

A handy container with a lid that can be opened by a timer. It helps children and adults not to abuse the sweet tooth for the night. The lock can be set for a period from 1 minute to 10 days. It will be difficult to hack such a device at home. If you have imagination, you can adapt this safe to many needs. For example, put a credit card there.

Tea maker

A handy device for automatic tea brewing with temperature observance. Like coffee machines, the owner must pour water and tea into special containers. Then the tea maker will prepare the drink according to the rules of brewing. Owners can program the strength of the drink, the pouring temperature, and other features of the brewing.

Measuring spoon-scales with digital display

A functional gadget for cooking enthusiasts. The spoon will show the weight of the contents. And thanks to the markings, it will replace the measuring containers. The weight limit of 300 grams is sufficient for most recipes.

Intelligent meat thermometer

Long wires from the device are attached to the meat and analyze the degree of its roasting. When everything is ready, a notification is sent to your phone.

Kitchen scale analyzer

The scale will not only show the quantity of the product but also analyze its composition. On your smartphone screen, you will see full information about the number of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and calories in your food. It’s a convenient option for healthy eaters and all those who monitor their weight.

Nitrate sensor

A small device connected to the phone will help you determine the level of nitrates in products and warn you whether it exceeds the permissible norms. The sensor also uses its algorithm to determine the level of organic fruit and vegetables. The device will help you choose the most eco-friendly options in a store or at a fair.

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Modern dryer models allow you to simultaneously dry herbs, prepare dried fruit, and cook jam. Each zone has its cooking mode and duration. You can keep track of the process through the applications.

Smart fork

The invention uses sound signals to indicate that the speed of eating food is too fast. The smart fork is also able to analyze the composition of the food. When you connect to a computer, it will give you all the necessary information.

Smart frying pan

It will help you perfectly fry fish, meat, or any other dish. The smartphone app shows the cooking temperature and offers recipes for novice cooks. The pan will tell you when to turn the steak over or finish cooking.

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