What is a Source Hacker?


Developed and created by world-renowned advertising guru, entrepreneur and investor Peter Szabo, the Source Hacker System, is a proven and tested 30-day implementation program that uses the knowledge, structures, and tools that have been designed, to turn anyone into a master manifester, who can create anything on-demand without having to hope or believe to do so and to create a life they love on their own terms. In short, it helps an individual understand what’s been going wrong and how to get a handle on their aims.

But how does it work?

Presented as an ‘all-in-one’ life-changing system for people looking to build a life they love, the course is centred on amongst other things the sound principles of the two paradigms that define today’s society

·     Victim

·     Victor

Victim – this is where the majority of people live, and it’s a space where everything that is wrong or stops them living the life they want is the result of it always being somebody else’s fault, whether it’s their parents, government, environment, economy, God, karma in-fact anything that allows them to give away their responsibility and blame others for their failure.

Victor – this is a space where few people choose to live because this is where they need to take complete responsibility for the results in their life and while they know they can’t change the past they can be empowered to change the future. A victor paradigm is what it takes to create a life you love, but you have to take 100% responsibility to do so.

Only once a person understands that for them to succeed there is a need to shift from victim to victor, can they consider what are the tools required to make this happen and this is where the art of ‘memory flipping’ comes into play.

Memory Flipping

What is a memory? A memory is an internal representation of the past, which you store away, and what your unconscious, constantly refers to in order to help you to survive. But, because memories are always distorted by our perception and they have constantly updated themselves, they are not an accurate 1:1 perception of the past.

However, you can ‘hack’ this process and change memories on demand, which in turn changes your life.

So whilst you can never change the past, you can change the building blocks of a bad memory and by doing so this will change the present and future, as the unconscious will be referring to new positive data.

So what is the Source Hacker System?

It is exactly that, it is the ability to go back and unburden yourself of a memory that may have had a major impact on your life and turn it from a negative reaction to a positive reaction.

Now, of course, this won’t happen overnight, it needs work and it needs patience but, by replaying the scenario and taking out the negative side of the memory and replacing it with a positive, what could have seemed like a 10 out 10 bad memory can slowly reduce to say a 3 or 4 out of 10 bad memory – so reducing the burden that memory holds over you.

By adopting the Peter Szabo Source Hacker no longer are you carrying all that negative energy with you which could, in turn, have an adverse effect on your life and your work you’re starting to see things much clearer and with a more positive outlook.

It enables you to break free from your past and to create a life you love and truly deserve. It allows you to manifest anything you want, in other words, it gives you the ability for affirming the things you want to do positively and to maintain the balance of your intentions including health, wealth, love, happiness and more, fast, and on-demand.

Just the tip of the iceberg

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