Summer Trends for 2020

Summer Trends for 2020: Summer is waving back again for this year, and you don't want to disappoint it. Getaways, downtown strolling, and indoor games.


Summer Trends for 2020: Summer is waving back again for this year, and you don’t want to disappoint it. Getaways, downtown strolling, and indoor games are few activities to do this season. There are millions of ways to enjoy this time, and you might want to excuse yourself from getting busy with work.

Summer Trends for 2020

Going out on adventures need some wardrobe preparations. Luckily, some trends don’t look so hard to pull off, especially in a hot season like this. So, let’s take a look at what styles and palettes you should go for this year.

1. Vintage Coast Casual

Vintage has always been in the trend radar for years. People like wearing reminiscent pieces that look fabulous and sleek. And with wearing some vintage beach clothes, you’ll feel more of that Havana sun setting with style. 

Vintage coast is not your typical ready-to-swim look. Pieces from this trend include Cuban collars, playsuits, and a pair of loafers. When you are good to go, don’t forget to put some icing on the wrist. Vintage-contemporary pieces from the Hamilton Jazzmaster collection will be your best embellishment options. 

2. Anything Neon

If you like things poppin’, then this trend will excite your wardrobe more. Neon colors are in for summer, and having a decent collection will deal you significantly. What’s a bright sun without bright clothes, right?

Pieces would include two-piece outfits, shawls, and other accessories that shout the theme. If you want to go experimental, you can also wear oversized neon shirts or a pair of neon boardshorts. This trend has no limits, so going with an extra pop will complement your every combination.

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If you’re not serious about the beach, you can always opt for clothing that expresses your style. Fast fashion clothing companies like Forever 21 provide eccentric silhouettes with neon colorways. You can invest in many colors of their printed socks, hats, or cropped hoodies.

3. Earth-themed Ensemble

If you are in a quiet type of summer vacation, you might want to feel it with this palette. Earthy colors and patterns will bring out a peaceful vibe in you. 

You can throw in monochrome jumpsuits in rust or flesh, and pair them with your favorite sandals. Men, on the other hand, can experiment with two-toned earth pieces with twill fabrics. These tones will make you feel low-key under the scourging heat of the sun. 

4. Dockside Workwear

Okay, the beach-hotel is closed, and you have nowhere else to go but the port. Be thankful, because this trend will let out the sailor in you. Workwear is also famous nowadays, and once you get into that kind of style, you might want to wear more.

Workwear is not only for summer, but this is an exception. This trend would include heavyweight tees and some jumpers of your liking. You may think it is warm, but utility wear works perfectly fine even if you’re in the middle of the dessert. 

As mentioned earlier, the trend’s pieces can be used throughout the year. Brands like Carhartt give the best shirts and beanies that you can wear even on a winter escapade.

5. Anything Distressed

For the artsy vibe, this streetwear trend look will do the trick. Summer is not always about wearing less. It’s about wearing the right material that will do the trick. As much as distressed denim is used all year round, you can rock many outfits with this. 

You can opt for distressed denim pants and jackets. The technique in blending with the season is to look for the best wash of denim – that is, an acid wash. Darker denim pieces tend to sound warmer and can even make you feel sweaty so fast. 

Brands like Off White and Fear of God give the best denim pieces for you to wear. Their distinct take on distressed denim is a must-see. Perhaps, you might be thinking of investing a couple from them. 


Trends may go and disappear, but it’s not always permanent when it comes to clothing. This is why investing with these styles is essential, as you can still use their pieces in the future. And even if you don’t want to go with what’s trendy, you’ll have what you need with the right list above. 

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