6 Emojis That Heavily Influenced Modern Conversations and Pop Culture

Emojis are one of the best creations to help in shortcutting conversations online. You can use emojis to send messages that say “hungry” or subtly asking...


Emojis are one of the best creations to help in shortcutting conversations online. You can use emojis to send messages that say “hungry” or subtly asking someone out to chill. These help us in saving time and effort while typing.

6 Emojis That Heavily Influenced Modern Conversations and Pop Culture

Luckily, human dialogue never stops to improve, and these characters are the beginning. Time will come when we don’t need to type texts anymore, or better yet not needing any screen to see someone else who’s away. 

But before going to that stuff, did you ever wonder what or how these symbols affect the world we live today? How did these become so important to our generation? Here, we’ll be talking about the emojis that heavily influenced conversations. Let’s dive into them.

1. The Hundy Percent 

Did you ever see something online that you’ve never seen before? Maybe a dance routine that is very amusing that others can’t follow? Reacting with a 100 emoji prompt is the same as saying “cool” or “awesome.” 

This emoji had been famous in many feats of fashion, music, and even businesses. It has also been an influence on how to react other than saying the usual words. But up to this point, the one hundred emoji seems to knock everything else on the list when it comes to influencing.

2. It’s LIT 

Aside from the 100 emoji being useful in today’s set of emojis, another one also does with the same impressions. When you witness something sexy, like a performance, or a photo of a beautiful icon, this comes into your mind. Reacting with a flame emoji, also known as fire emoji, is one of the most popular things nowadays. 

Everyone understands that this emoji doesn’t depict something negative. Like old symbolism in bars and vintage posters, something that is in flames is attractive. 

3. Garbage

Ah, the source of all clownery. The poop emoji does the funniest impressions of all – may it be weirdly satisfying, or a piece of trash if you will. Nonetheless, a twirled dung with cute eyes is what you’ll get with an emoji pack. So even if you notice it, you’ll still have that urge to use one on any occasion. 

4. Equal Rights

With many equality movements rising, many symbolisms have also been created. One of which is the LGBT flag, or the “pride flag” as everyone would say. This had pushed movements online, making people shout with their independent voices. It changed the whole world. 

Emojis are also used in online activism, like using hashtags with short statements. With the pride flag being present, more people who lost their identity had been helped. 

5. Thumbs Up 

Made famous by Facebook’s Messenger app, the thumbs up emoji is one of the pioneers of shortcut chats. This also became Facebook’s renowned symbol, making it the most popular platform today. 

Because of a user’s ease of access with this emoji, many people have made valuable connections. It is an automatic prompt for chat boxes, making conversations more understandable. 

6. ROFL!

The “Rolling on the Floor Laughing” emoji has also become popular in modern socializing. Before this, the “haha” text has also been elaborately used in chats. But what separates this from texts is its facial features that give an extra emotion to the reaction. Just like how GIFS provide action-reaction visuals, emojis were the pioneers of still emotions in keyboards. 

This emoji had influenced a lot of online users. They use it from reacting on funny posts to sending many ROFLs in chatboxes. This goes to show how we are still open to our emotions without expressing through letters. 


Using emojis shows how we can be imaginative with our emotions and ideas. It is also one way to express in shorter characters, a vibrant yet straightforward way of reacting with people. 

But, let us not forget to also use real words in texts and chats. Talking with words is as essential as breathing fresh air. We may use emojis to decorate our texts, but using them without words will be more difficult in the longer run. 

Words are our main mediums in conversations, and it is as important in writing. Otherwise, we may lose our knowledge of our languages, making us the cavemen of our time.

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