Top 10 Best Ways to Get Maximum Views on Your YouTube Video (2019)


Best Ways to Get Maximum Views on Your YouTube Video 2019: YouTube has become an attractive career option equally for youth and professionals. By posting attractive content and videos on YouTube, you can get fame, money, and followers.

So, it goes without saying that more and more people are trying their luck in this area, which has expelled millionaires from the adolescent. But in this growing competition, how will you ensure the maximum view of your video? Do not worry, we are here to help.

Top 10 Best Ways to Get Maximum Views on Your YouTube Video 2019

Purchasing in organic traffic can increase the number on your channel, but they are not really helpful when it comes to organic traffic and engagement. For that, you need to follow some SEO rules. Search engine optimization ensures that your videos are shown at the top of search listings so that they appear to more people and get more organic traffic.

Check out these 10 best practices for applying the appropriate SEO and getting the most views on your YouTube videos.

Place target keywords in the name of your video.

It’s important to identify keywords that need to be your focus. Once you find out the goal keyword, make sure they look correct in the title of your video. When you upload a file, YouTube will read the file name and its code. If the right keywords appear there, the video is more likely to appear in search results.

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For example, if you are uploading videos about cleaning products, make sure the name of your file is relevant; After some things like “Best cleaning product for home”, the video file type. This will ensure that while uploading, YouTube knows what your video focuses on.

Optimize your video title and description.

Your video title is the first thing the user does not notice when clicking. Instead of putting a random, blurred title, make sure that your video has a major keyword and makes sense. The title should not be too long though. For a food video, titles such as “Veg lasagna simple recipe” can be considered.

On the other hand, the video description can be a bit more detailed. The character limit is 1000, but make sure you do not make the details tall and boring. Seo will work to some degree, but ultimately the audience will have to make your content interesting. Place keywords in the first 3-4 lines of descriptions and place strategically several keywords while naturally sounding.

Take YouTube suggested keywords.

One smart thing to do when uploading videos is to do a pre-research. If you’re unsure about which keywords will give your video more prominence, then it’s a silly way to find out. For example, type the general topic in the YouTube search bar and look for suggestions that pop up. If YouTube is suggesting a search title, this means that these topics are very common among audiences.

If you are posting an inspirational video, type “Inspiring Video” and see what you get suggestions. Inspirational videos can be suggestive, after this: Choose the most relevant option from the list, for the “students”, “in English”, “for pregnant women”, etc. and use it to describe your video.

Encourage interaction on your content.

The popularity of your video is often determined by the number of likes and comments. When you can add numbers incompatibly, only real users can promote your content by subscribing to your channel and chatting on your videos. YouTube uses the number of subscribers as a ranking factor for videos appearing in search. You can buy a YouTube customer from a number of available places.

A good SEO tip is to make the video interactive and encourage viewers to leave comments and feedback. The higher your engagement, the more fame your video gets.

Do not compromise video quality.

Quality is always better than quantity, it is anything on the market. This is the case with your YouTube video too. To increase the volume on your channel, make sure that the video you insert has a good quality. Increase in production value; If not money, invest time and effort in your creativity.

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Nowadays, you do not need expensive equipment to create high-quality videos. Use your phone but make sure the content is polished and interesting. People should be interested in your content. They can come for the keyword, but they remain for quality. And if they leave after the first few seconds, then your SEO price will be hit.

Thumbnails are very important.

Do not take thumbnails lightly. Although they do not directly affect traffic, they definitely influence viewers to pick up your videos above millions of people related to the same subject.

Most people click on the video after watching the thumbnail photo, so make sure that your first impression is interesting. This will definitely change in more ideas and more revenue in the long run.

Wherever possible, add closed captions or subtitles.

YouTube can crawl closed captions and find out if your video is compatible with people with hearing impairments or not. Having a subtitle or closed caption gives your video an edge over others.

Although YouTube has automatic captions, they are often flawed. Therefore, edit those captions or add more of your own. But make sure your video has the option to take advantage of the subtitles.

Add relevant links to your channel and videos.

When uploading new content, you can include links to your previous videos. If possible, include links to your channel in the content related to your new video. Having backlinks and internal references, YouTube states that you have the right to a particular topic.

This will help the search engine to find out that you have covered similar topics in the past and predecessor your new video in a new form.

Use effective tags to define your content.

Tagging is another way to ensure better ranking in YouTube search, which clearly means that more people will visit your channel and watch your video. There are many tools on the Internet that help you determine the most effective tag for your video topic.

The main keyword should first come in, then it should be composed of some general keywords. Along with amateurs, professional YouTubers found it useful to follow keyword trends and tag your videos accordingly.

Make the first part of your video very interesting.

Most viewers determine whether or not to watch the video after watching the content of the first few seconds. It is also important to time to hook your followers so that they do not stop watching the video immediately. If more users leave your page after watching the first few seconds, then it causes the SEO disaster.

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