Top 10 Free PDF Editors for Mac


PDF editors have a large market that uses them for a variety of purposes. The PDF file format has become one of the most well-known and widely used file formats across a variety of systems. They have addressed consumers’ personal and commercial concerns and offered them a simple and effective way to express themselves without restrictions or barriers.

Top 10 Free PDF Editors for Mac

People have been able to convey their thoughts all over the world because of the existence of PDF files. The main issue with PDF files is how to manage them. This was made possible by the availability of a free PDF editor. The article discusses a handful of the 10 best pdf editors, each of which has its own set of capabilities and is well-known by millions of users.

Which PDF Editor Is the Best?

There are a plethora of PDF editors on the market to choose from. However, consumers should be aware of the aspects that make a PDF editor stand out in the marketplace. The following points emphasize the most important factors to consider when evaluating any PDF editor on the market.

Easy to Use: The PDF editor should be simple to operate and provide a user-friendly interface to work with. The program should not require users to have any technical skills in order to use it.

The number of features: A PDF editor is only considered the best if it has a unique collection of features. The platform should not only give users basic PDF editing tools but also a variety of tools to work with. It should have tools for converting, annotating, merging and dividing, scanning, and so on.

Ample Reviews: It’s critical for users to see a positive image of the tool before they use it. Any PDF tool that has received positive feedback from a variety of sources is considered one of the best. The user should be able to comprehend the factors that contribute to a PDF editor’s superior performance over competing tools.

CocoDoc is the first of its kind.

Users of CocoDoc can manage their PDFs using a fairly comprehensive interface. This section covers the key features of CocoDoc that will assist users in choosing the best free PDF editor for their needs.

Why is CocoDoc the Revolutionary PDF Editor of This Era?

CocoDoc has made it possible to modify and create a nice PDF file for free. In its simple design, this utility provides a number of tools and functions that aim to empower users in managing their PDF files. Users have been able to escape a range of difficulties when it comes to accomplishing their tasks in making a beautiful PDF document thanks to this platform.

This platform has supplied a million people in 190+ countries with the concept of ease of use. CocoDoc has become well-known among leading brands, like IBT, iLounge, Tech Times, and Macworld, thanks to its wide reach.

With its sophisticated system, CocoDoc has connected users and transformed the concept of PDF editing. It promotes a way of life that is endorsed by both businesses and individuals. This is what truly distinguishes CocoDoc as an excellent free PDF editor.

CocoDoc Free PDF Editor’s Unique Features

The tools and functionalities of this platform are well-known. Although CocoDoc has hundreds of highlighting features, the following explains the few that stand out the most.

Adding a Watermark to a PDF and Protecting It

Official papers must be safeguarded against a variety of scams and malware. It is critical for users to secure the security of their files while working on an online platform. CocoDoc allows users to watermark their papers with their own creative designs, which helps them protect the document. Additionally, the files are protected during transfers via a 256-bit SSL encryption scheme.

PDF Split & Merge

Users who want to divide enormous texts into pieces hunt for a solution that may help them do so. CocoDoc’s splitting tool meets all of the requirements while maintaining the file’s quality. The merging tool, on the other hand, allows users to mix and match various files at their leisure.

PDF Conversion and Editing

Users can convert PDF files to any important format or vice versa with CocoDoc. Users should consider converting critical Office format files or JPG images to PDF files so that they may be readily shared across platforms. Additionally, users can take advantage of CocoDoc’s excellent editing toolkit.

Page Handler & PDF Reader

If you want to read a PDF file, CocoDoc provides you with practical tools to help you do so. Users can also add numbers to the pages of their PDFs to make page navigation easier. Within the PDF document, you can eliminate any unneeded pages and rotate any page to make it more readable.

What Is CocoDoc and How Does It Work?

CocoDoc is really simple to use and implement. The methods below show users how to modify a PDF file using the outstanding PDF editing software.

Step 1: The user must import their file directly from their PC and post it to the platform. In CocoDoc, the file can also be dragged and dropped. You may use CocoDoc to upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, among other services. You can even share the PDF file’s URL.

Step 2: To manage your PDF file according to your needs, use the editing toolkit available in CocoDoc’s interface.

Step 3: Tap the ‘Download’ option on the screen to save the file to your PC.

You may learn more about CocoDoc by reading this article, which contains useful information on the technology.

2. Smallpdf

Users of Smallpdf can edit their PDFs on a very attractive interface. This free PDF editor comes in helpful for a variety of activities, including document editing, conversion, and signature. Smallpdf provides a fairly comprehensive feature set to its customers, in addition to the standard tools for editing PDFs. Users will be able to quickly and easily add text and image files to their documents.

3: iLovePDF

People of all ages utilize online services on a regular basis. PDF editors are one-of-a-kind services that have made it possible to manage PDF documents. Platforms like iLovePDF, on the other hand, have offered a new concept of PDF management to the community. This program not only has all of the fundamental editing capabilities but also includes a number of additional features that improve the PDF documents themselves.

4. FormSwift

This application is well-known for having a large library of fillable forms. Within the tool’s PDF editor, users can look over any form and alter it to suit their needs. FormSwift includes a detailed PDF editing tool that allows users to easily edit, manage, and annotate their PDF documents. FormSwift has simplified the process of managing forms and files.

5: Sejda

Sejda allows its users to modify PDF files for free. It includes a comprehensive set of capabilities that enable users to make appropriate changes to their PDF files. Sejda includes a number of additional capabilities that can be used across a PDF document. It includes signing documents, making forms, and inserting various remarks and links throughout the file.

6: PDFescape

If you want to edit smaller PDF files, PDFescape is a great option. The platform has a user-friendly and quick interface, which makes it stand out among other PDF editors. In addition, PDFescape gives a robust editing facility to its customers. Users may quickly scan their papers and customize the web platform to meet their needs.

7: PDF Doctor

This program is highly recommended for people who need to modify PDF files on a professional level. PDF Doctor has a large feature set and the ability to manage a variety of file formats. The PDF Doctor conversion tool is one of the most impressive features. Users can convert files in a variety of formats, including EPUB, XPS, OXPS, SVG, and HTML, using PDF Doctor.

8: PDFelement

This application has established itself as a viable alternative to Adobe Acrobat. It has offered similar tools and systems for free, which are not available from its competitors. PDFelement is one of the greatest free PDF editors on the market, and it is one of the first to propose the notion of simple PDF management. It comes with one of the best toolkits available for any desktop application.

9: PDFchef

In terms of PDF editing, PDFchef has adopted a unique approach. This program includes all of the essential tools for editing PDF documents. Aside from that, users can convert, divide, combine, and annotate their PDF files. PDFchef even has a browser extension that anyone can utilize.

10: DocFly

When it comes to PDF editing, this explicit free PDF editor has a lot to offer. Users can effortlessly manage their files and execute different operations across the platform. DocFly as a PDF editor has a number of advantages, one of which is its outstanding quickness in completing jobs. The fact that this application is simple and accurate is one of the main grounds for recommending it as the finest PDF editor.


The task of discussing the top PDF editors on the market has been taken on by this article. Users want tools that make it simple for them to manage and change their files. Tools like CocoDoc have made file management easier and helped employees to complete their work more quickly.

If you’re seeking a good free PDF editor that works well, this article will give you all the information you need.

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