Top 10 Most Used Phone Systems In Call Centers


Do you intend to open a call center or collaborate with an existing one? Have you thought about providing the finest voip business phone system accessible to your company’s support, marketing or sales teams, similar to those used in contact centers?

Call centers aren’t just simply operators and supervisors- but these individuals are essential to its success. The technology that call centers use, especially phone systems, helps to make them outstanding. Phone systems do not specifically reference the actual phone devices because those would be too limited for a contact center. In essence, phone systems encompass a variety of software, hardware, and procedures.

This article is particularly suited for you who want to learn about the most utilized phone systems in call centers. Find out what the differences are, and decide on what works for your team the most.

1.VoIP Logic

BroadSoft, Inc. is a PaaS(Platform-as-a-Service) vendor. BroadSoft’s BroadWorks services that are cloud-based were previously wholesaled by VoIP Logic.

The Contact Centre that does Call Recording PaaS is VoIP’s primary contact center solution. It’s a  versatile platform usable by companies of all sizes, including call centers. It has over 15 partners/service providers, allowing for customers to create an ideal combination scenario.


Avaya Inc. operates as a global corporation headquartered in California. It provides corporate communications technologies, alongside data, VoIP, and CRM software apps and services.

Besides, it’s a  large company accommodating over a million clients serviced globally. It offers the following call center services:  Avaya Aura and Avaya Aura Elite.

Avaya Aura software uses SIP for better multimedia communication and connection. It may be connected with corporate programs and DBs(databases). For instance, your CRM software, via Open Web.

Aside from that, Avaya Aura Elite software is standard across contact centers worldwide.  It can be integrated into the processes of any company, no matter how big or little. Primarily, it optimizes resources and route allocations via automated call assignments.


Mitel is a multinational corporation headquartered in Ontario, Canada. It started by manufacturing TDM PBX equipment and software. Lately, it’s shifted its focus to providing contact center solutions to businesses since 2001.

MiVoice for business call services is one of Mitel’s primary services. It’s capable of handling multi-channel interactions, mobile services, collaborative capabilities, and other applications. It is appropriate for a wide range of companies, from tiny start-ups to enterprises with a maximum of 65,000 users.


Tomas Gorny created Nextiva Inc., a VoIP in Arizona, alongside other cloud-based services. It’s a rapidly expanding firm with over 100,000 clientele so far.

Automated call distributions, auto attendant(IVR), queue services, remote services or mobile operators, and call management are among the features available in its contact center systems.


Mark Spencer from Digium developed Asterisk, which is a free, open-source solution. With it, you can turn any corporate-grade PC into a dependable communication host. It operates on a variety of platforms- macOS, NetBSD, Open BSD, Solaris.

Video Conferencing, voicemail messages, IVR, and automated call routing are just a few of the proprietary PBX capabilities included in Asterisk.


Allworx is owned by Windstream and headquartered in New York. Small businesses can take advantage of its VoIP solutions and products. It currently has over 30,000 clients in a range of sectors. It debuted as a VoIP in the year 2003. Its features include and are not limited to -linear priority, round-robin call dispersal, better queue control systems, operator monitoring, and visual queue alerts.


Postfix, HylaFAX, Openfire, and Asterisks are all used in this open-source, comprehensive communications platform. It’s intended to provide firm-level suitable interaction options, including PBX, instant messaging, mail, and faxing.

It comes with a call center module featuring predictive dialing and handling inbound and outbound network call operations.


It provides a range of computer and network solutions and services. NEC provides solutions for network, IT, and electrical products are the company’s main business sectors.  NEC Aspire SL1100, SV8300, DXE, SV8100, and XN120 are mainly utilized in call centers.

UNIVERGE series of pc handsets, softphones, or in-building wireless devices from NEC is intended to make it simpler for operators to access information, resources, and collaborations at each time.


Vlad Shmunis established RingCentral in 1999 as a cloud interaction solutions company headquartered in California, USA.

Its features include voice interactions, conferencing, and collaboration of teams and corporate messaging, just to name a few. Aside from that, it has revolutionized collaboration platforms and corporate communications that use cloud-based tech.


Shoretel is a world-class supplier of on-premise, hybrid, and cloud business telephony services headquartered in California. As such, it’s intended to increase customer satisfaction while reducing total ownership costs.

Its solutions include hosted cloud call center, Connect Cloud, Connect Onsite, and premise-based call center solutions.

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