How to save money on EV charging? The best practices


Many car owners decide to switch from their gasoline or diesel-based vehicles to electric ones, primarily to save on fuel. Charging your car turns out to be much cheaper than pouring fuel into the tank every other day, but it can still run your electricity bill quite high if you’re not smart about it.

How to save money on EV charging? The best practices

How to lower the impact EV charging has on your bills and maximize your savings? Implement these tips and you’ll notice a significant difference in the amount of money you have to pay each month!

Check your energy tariffs

Depending on the specific contract you have with your electricity company, they will charge you a specific amount of money per kWh. Usually these rates are fixed, but a good deal of electricity providers have started introducing specific tariffs, tailored for electric cars.

Such a tariff can bring you many benefits and lower your bills, especially if you’re frequently charging your car at home. The most common feature of special tariffs is lower costs during the night, when you’ll usually be charging your car. Depending on your local offer, there might be additional benefits as well.

To charge your electric vehicle, you’re also going to need a fitting charger. At you can find high-quality EV chargers at affordable prices, available in a range of types to fit your specific car model.

Generate your own electricity

Rooftop solar panels have been getting a lot of popularity lately, giving land owners an easy way to create some power surplus. You can use the power that you have generated to offset your electricity bills and help reduce fossil fuel consumption.

While solar panels are great for reducing your bills, it is a fact that they are a bit expensive to install. However, they’re a great investment – on average, the installation costs are fully repaid after about seven and a half years of using solar panels. Considering they can last over 25 years – that’s some pretty good value over time!

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