Top 5 Crypto Games To Play and Earn

Play-to-earn crypto games are, just as they sound, games in which you earn real crypto assets through your gameplay, and they’re currently taking the mobile.


Play-to-earn crypto games are, just as they sound, games in which you earn real crypto assets through your gameplay, and they’re currently taking the mobile gaming and online gaming worlds by storm.

Top 5 Crypto Games

A dizzying myriad of play-to-earn games already exist, and not all are created equal. Some play-to-earn games, however, have risen to the top of their genre, thanks to engaging gameplay, dazzling graphics, and smart integration of crypto rewards.

Plant VS Undead

In-Plant VS Undead (PVU), you control your NFT assets in the form of plants and undead creatures. The game has two modes: PVP, or player-vs-player mode, and farm mode.

In PVP mode, you compete in real-time against other players like yourself; in farm mode, you play solo and earn Light Energy (LE), the in-game currency, by completing daily quests, harvesting seeds, and taking other actions.

Earn enough light energy and they convert to PVU tokens, which have real monetary value and can be traded on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). You can also earn money in this game by selling NFT plants on the in-game marketplace.


Decentraland provides a metaverse-like 3D virtual world in which players can take a wide variety of actions, from exploring lands to creating original avatars to buying and selling in-game items to engaging in fun social activities.

The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has its own in-game currency called MANA. Much like Sim games and games like Farmville, you can do with this reality what you want, whether it’s building an empire, creating experiences for others to enjoy, or generating a real income.

Axie Infinity

The first NFT game backed by Ethereum to reach $1 billion in sales, Axie Infinity is the most popular NFT game in the world, with over one million active players.

Inspired by Pokemon, the game features creatures called Axies that you can buy, sell and trade in order to build up a team you can put into battle against other players’ Axies.

The game offers two modes: Arena mode and Adventure mode. It also features two cryptocurrencies: the Axie Infinity Token (AXS), which you earn by getting on the game’s leaderboard, and the Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which you earn by winning battles and completing adventures.

Every Axie is an NFT, unique and of varying levels of rarity, making the game also popular with NFT collectors.

Age of Rust

Age of Rust injects the element of storytelling into the play-to-earn universe. An Ethereum-based RPG set in a post-apocalyptic, machine-controlled world, in Age of Rust, you solve puzzles to acquire tokens you can then convert into BTC or ENJ coins.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is another Ethereum-based game built on Immutable X, the Ethereum platform that allows decentralized apps (dApps) to engage in peer-to-peer trading fee-free. A digital trading card game, its look, and feel is reminiscent of Magic the Gathering.

In it, players collect and trade cards to build up the strongest deck possible with which to fight each other. In addition to being traded, cards can be bought and sold between players using Ethereum. The game also has its own token, the GODS token, which you can use for in-game items and rewards.

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